When Millie Bobby Brown Asked Everyone to “Think About” Flat Earth Theory and Got Trolled for It

When Millie Bobby Brown Asked Everyone to “Think About” Flat Earth Theory and Got Trolled for It

Millie Bobby Brown was only twelve years old when the first season of Stranger Things came out. The actress is now 18 and has transformed a lot over time. But her energy has always been absolutely dynamite like her character. The actress has always been vocal about her views on social media through reels, interviews, and posts. One such video of hers got popular when she expressed her views on the Flat Earth theory. It brought along some criticism and a lot of laughter.

Flat Earth theory is a concept that attempts to prove that the Earth is flat. Although the theory has been scientifically disproven, believers still hold on to the theory, painting gravity to their beliefs. Many cultures, including ancient Greece, believed in the concept, and clearly, it has remained in discussion to this day.

The modern culture pokes fun at such Flat Earthers. Poor Millie was one such person, and although her views were expressed long ago, the video of her mentioning the theory still pops up on the internet world.

How a young Millie Bobby Brown explained about flat earth theory

In the year 2018, Millie Bobby Brown went on a live stream to answer questions from fans. One of the fans asked if the actress believed that the Earth was flat. To which, the 14-year-old nodded in agreement and went on to explain her perspective.

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According to the flat earther, she watched a Shane Dawson conspiracy theory explaining about flat earth. She said, “I mean think about it, like think about it okay. Guys, I don’t even know. I think I am a-what do they call it? Um. A flat-I think they call it a flat-earther”. The Enola Holmes 2 actress struggled to answer while looking as she realized the person who asked the question had disappeared.


What was funnier was that as she was explaining the Flat Earth theory, she randomly started singing Drake’s, In My Feelings, resulting in some hilarious reactions from fans for the video.

But the Flat Earthers were excited to have her onboard

Another Stranger Things  fan posted a funny edited pic featuring Millie the flat earther

Then again, we all have our embarrassing moments; the difference is that Millie’s is on the internet, forever. But that is only a reminder of her cuteness. Do you think Millie, like her fans, still watched this video from her younger days and laugh? Let us know in the comments below.

All seasons of Stranger Things are currently streaming on Netflix.

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