When Meghan Markle Wowed in Her Retro Chic Inspired Outfit

When Meghan Markle Wowed in Her Retro Chic Inspired Outfit

As much as the royal fans are interested in the drama inside Buckingham Palace, they equally take an interest in royal fashion. It is no news that the royal ladies are a bit restricted in the fashion department. They have to observe certain protocols and make their picks based on that. Too risque outfits are a big no-no. And yet Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have never stopped stunning the fans with their stellar outfits. 

Never going overboard, Markle has always appeared well put together in every event that she has attended. But one of our favorites remains the retro-inspired outfit that she donned at a charity event.

Meghan Markle was the epitome of class in her polka-dot outfit 

According to Power Blogging, in 2022, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry organized a charity polo match with Team Los Padres. The Sussexes were in attendance to witness the event meant to provide support to the local communities. However, the winners of the match were not the star attraction; it was Markle. The Suits alum looked stunning in a vintage-inspired ensemble. 

She rocked a black polka dot blouse, and a plain white mini skirt fastened around her waist with a belt. The mother of two paired it with simple pumps. To beat the heat and the sun, she opted for a hat and black shades. Her makeup was as usual simple and fresh with only a red lip adding color to the monochrome outfit. Fans have often taken note that Markle’s fits are reminiscent of Princess Diana’s style, and we may see more of it if she attends King Charles’ coronation.

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The Duchess of Sussex may skip King Charles’ coronation

With the day of the King’s coronation inching closer, it’s confirmed that Sussexes are invited to the royal event. However, it is not sure whether the former actress will attend the event with the Duke. Since the event is coinciding with Archie’s birthday, Markle may very well skip the event.

Additionally, the palace has not issued an apology to the Duchess yet, despite Prince Harry’s very vocal accusations. In fact, the tension between the palace and the Sussexes grew manifold since the Netflix documentary and Harry’s memoir Spare. If they are to attend the event, they may very well be seated far apart from the working royals.

Does it make you wonder what she will wear to the King’s coronation?

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