When Meghan Markle “bulldozed her way through” an Ad Campaign While Being the “meanest person”

When Meghan Markle “bulldozed her way through” an Ad Campaign While Being the “meanest person”

The tales starring Meghan Markle as the lead character by royal authors and biographers are never-ending. The crown servants and royal correspondents do not have much liking for the former actress. Thus, they always try to dig into stories from the past and present that reflect Meghan in a bad light.

This time around, the royal author Tow Bower has shared an anecdote about Meghan misbehaving during the shoot of a TV commercial. The incident dates back to 2016 when the actress was signed to promote Canada-based clothing store Reitmans. It would not be wrong to say that Markle left a pretty bad impression on the crew and director and they would never like to work with her again. 

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Meghan Markle misbehaved with the director

In his book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors, Tow Bower revealed that Meghan Markle once did not like the script of the advertisement she had to feature in and was adamant about the production and the director making the necessary changes. However, the Duchess truly tested the patience of the crew when she rejected the changed script as well.

There was a clash between Meghan’s and the director’s vision. The Suits alum allegedly wanted the entire focus on herself while the directors were keen on having Reitmans’ label and the dress as the center of attraction. In the end, the actress had an upper hand as the ad agency rewrote the entire script. 

Miffed with Markle’s attitude on the script, one of the directors, Jean Malek, posted a message on Facebook that read as quoted by Newsweek, “She is definitely the meanest person I’ve ever met. Just saying.” Meanwhile, one of the staff members also slammed the actress saying Meghan “bulldozed her way through” and no one took a stand against her. 

Tom Bower also elaborated on Meghan’s poor behavior on the set. Her agent Lori Sale made a bizarre demand to register the hotel room under some other name to protect the identity of the actress. The demand was made to prevent the hoarding of the press or media outside the hotel. However, there were no paparazzi for the Sussex royal despite the refusal of the request by the hotel.

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