When Mariah Carey Revealed How Her Son Is Obsessed With Millie Bobby Brown

When Mariah Carey Revealed How Her Son Is Obsessed With Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown became a sensation after playing Eleven in Stranger Things. The 18-year-old actress worked in several films before but gained recognition thanks to the show’s unique plot, characters, and of course her acting skills. To make a serious character come alive is not easy, especially when the character has a stolen childhood and is a subject of experiments. It is almost difficult to believe that this is the same actress that played a young Alice in the series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, as well as the lead in Enola Holmes. Being in the industry for a long time, she has garnered fans of all ages.

Although officially an adult now, she is not done with her younger fan base. The Britisher will be back as Stranger Things still has a fifth and final season left to come out. And while that happens, fans await to see her every glimpse and activity. One such fan is singer Mariah Carey’s son. The Without You singer’s son, Moroccan is obsessed with Millie.

How Mariah Carey revealed her son’s admiration for Millie Bobby Brown

Mariah Carey’s son seems to have fallen for Millie Bobby Brown. And being the sweet mother that she is, Carey decided to take to social media to do something special for him. According to a source, Carey shared a Halloween post of him in the post dated 31st October. The little cutie is wearing a skeleton costume, with a pumpkin carved with Eleven’s face and name. Moroccan is seen making Millie’s iconic pose from Stranger Things. 

The Tweet received more than 11k likes and comments that were praising the child’s fanboy moment. We do not know if Millie actually called him or not, but Stranger Things official Twitter account gave replied with a special edit of the photo, with Eleven standing beside Moroccan in the same pose. Thankfully, her kids got the chance to meet their favorite Millie in real and even click a picture with her.

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By this sweet act of motherhood, the All I want for Christmas is You singer proved that she is not only the Queen of Christmas but also of our hearts. Her son Moroccan is the twin brother of Monroe Cannon, both of whom were born when Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were a couple. Given a chance, what celebrity would you like to get a reply from? Share with us in the comments.

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