When LisaRaye McCoy wanted to have an “entanglement” with Will Smith

When LisaRaye McCoy wanted to have an “entanglement” with Will Smith

Will Smith was a heartthrob back in the 90s and continues to be one of the most handsome men on the planet. The man has it all – charisma, power, and money but unfortunately, he is off the market. Jada Pinkett Smith claimed him way back in 1997. But that did not stop LisaRaye McCoy from crushing on him! 

A long marriage like theirs will definitely have some highs and lows. Jada has openly discussed their complex marriage. During a particularly rough patch of their married life, Jada had an “entanglement” with August Alsina. And LisaRaye had hoped to have similar entanglements with Jada’s husband!

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LisaRaye wanted a man that has all the qualities of Will Smith 

In 2020, she revealed her crush on Will Smith to Garcelle Beauvais on her podcast Going to Bed. The actress had joked, “We can have an entanglement,” when she was asked to pick her ideal partner. She wanted someone as alluring as the I Am Legend star and had all his qualities – charismatic, humanitarian, poet, philanthropist, and a great father. 

The play on the word entanglement was intentional. The actress was referring to Jada’s three-year relationship with August. The Matrix star had dated August at the time when she and Smith were on the brink of a divorce. They were platonic friends at first before they became intimate with each other. McCoy had previously slammed Pinkett for preying on August Alsina when he was at his most vulnerable. 

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Interestingly, McCoy had worked with Jada and Will before on All of Us. The couple had executive producers of the show, which tracked the early days of their relationship. And LisaRaye portrayed the role of Will’s ex. Both LisaRaye and the Hollywood bigwig had a few romantic scenes, including a kissing scene. It was the show’s highlight for her as she got the chance to kiss the man of her dreams. 

Surely, the I, Robot has lost some points with McCoy. Or do you think she continues to crush on him even after his questionable actions?

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