When Kim Kardashian Credited Kanye West for Helping Her Set Up SKKN

When Kim Kardashian Credited Kanye West for Helping Her Set Up SKKN

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian still share a good partnership. The Gold Digger artist is not only a great singer but also a business mogul. His designs are unique, which is why he often partners with brands. One of his most successful ones is Yeezy with the clothing brand Adidas. With an upcoming futuristic sunglasses line already blazing the social media, Ye did an internship alongside Virgin Abloh at Fendi in his younger days and launched his own creative content company called Donda.

Kanye got married to the famous socialite Kim Kardashian, joining the trending family in the US, The Kardashians. The two share four children together and the marriage lasted from 2014 to 2022. The divorce was a rocky one, with both throwing arrows at each other publicly. But despite the nasty aftertaste of their divorce, the two are maintaining a good professional relationship. In fact, Kim gave credit to her former husband for helping her with SKKN, her latest business venture.

Kanye West credited for Kim Kardashian’s new makeup line

The Kardashians are known for their drama, their sense of style, but also their entrepreneurial skills. Despite being different from most in that family, Kanye fit perfectly with them. Although not together anymore, his creativity is appreciated and used by Kim to this day. During the celebration of her new skincare brand SKKN, she shared the journey to launching the line of products. According to sources, she confessed that her creative process would not have been complete without help from Kanye, so he deserves the credit.

He brought his team and introduced me to Willo and we came up with the new name,” said the socialite. Willow Perron is a Grammy award-winning creative director, who then became a part of Kim’s SKKN.

Kim’s brand SKNN also had its packaging designed with Kanye’s suggestions. This includes the brand’s logo, name, and even the font, along with the packaging shape. The line is packaged in sleek monochrome natural color, reminiscent of the rapper’s signature look. Apparently, Kanye gave a thumbs down to her choice of packaging at first. Kim Kardashian was more than happy to have his input. The hip-hop king showed then put on his creative cap and gave the packaging his signature makeover.

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Looks like co-parenting is not the only thing Kim and Kanye will indulge in together. Do you think the pair will collaborate in future? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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