When Kevin Durant Went All Awe for Kanye West After Watching ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ on Netflix

When Kevin Durant Went All Awe for Kanye West After Watching ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ on Netflix

There are few athletes that exert the level of influence that Kevin Durant does over his fans. Kevin’s comeback post his severe Achilles injury makes him a truly inspirational individual to millions, if not billions. However, every idol themselves has a figure they look up to. And for Kevin, the individual he has applauded several times is Kanye “Ye” West.

Kevin credited Netflix’s Original series, Jeen-Yuhs, for showing him the American Rapper’s rise to frame and even praised him for it.

Let us see what the Brooklyn Nets forward had to say.

Kevin Durant praises Kanye West after Jeen-Yuhs

Kanye’s popularity developed over time as the Chicago native scraped and fought his way to the top of the Hip Hop mountain. Ye mapped out a road he knew would lead him to the top.

Kevin Durant revealed two surprises he had while watching Coodie and Chike’s intimate three-part film, one of which was the influence Kanye’s music and career played in his own success.

The NBA star said that watching the Netflix series made him realize how important Ye was to him. KD applauded Ye’s amazing dedication and drive to become a famous rapper despite people not believing in him.

Durant went on to discuss Kanye West’s extraordinary ability to materialize whatever he desired throughout his life.

He said, “And then for him to predict all of the shit. That’s really what that documentary was all about. He knew what he was about to do, and he was calling everything out.”

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Finally, the ex-The Golden State Warriors player mentioned that he found it profound to hear many conversations of Ye with his mother in the Netflix docu-series.

“I get why Kanye is the way that he is. We always talk about we want the old Kanye back; he was just like this too back then — ranting, real confident,” said KD

The Netflix series shows many such instances of Kanye’s talent and his journey to becoming one of the biggest celebrities alive.

What do you guys think about Kevin’s comments on Ye? Do you agree with him? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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One thought on “When Kevin Durant Went All Awe for Kanye West After Watching ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ on Netflix

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    Darrell Davis
    July 1, 2022 at 5:37 am

    I agree with Durant. Ye ‘The Series ‘ changed my whole one-sided opinion of Ye; the man’s a genuis and he brings truth to the adage that ” you’ll never know a person until you have walked in their shoes” Ye’s Series gave us that vacarious opportunity to do just that and after drawing the lines from point A to B(then and now) the man is nothing short of a genius. Kudo’s Ye and keep it 100

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