When Julia Garner Unveiled The Shocking Secrets of Her Enticing Glow

When Julia Garner Unveiled The Shocking Secrets of Her Enticing Glow

The three times Emmy Winner Julia Garner outdid herself once again earlier this month. The stunning Ozark superstar looked drop-dead gorgeous in black attire and her blond pixie hair. Before that, in her previous shows and interviews, the star has grown prettier every day, adding to her outstanding acting career. 

Want to know about the beauty hacks and tips of this glamorous young star of a woman? Here are some of the makeup essentials that she uses on a daily basis. Accompanying it, Garner also shared a secret hack behind her bewitching beauty in one of her interviews. Here are the actress’s top picks for an easy-to-go natural touch in day-to-day life.

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Julia Garner shares her three-in-one daily make-up regime

Starting with lip shades, Julia said she has been using the same lipstick for years. Her favorite shade is Fire Down Below by Nars, and then she uses this cream blush by Tata Harper. According to her, the color is called [Very] Popular. She suggested using it as a tinted cream blush, which you can also put on your lips. “It’s this really beautiful lip color,” said the actress.

She also likes to put it on her eyelids a little bit to get a reddish, rosy eye shadow. Very light, but it’s all kind of the same color, so it’s really pretty and super natural looking,” she added. This is most probably her favorite multi-makeup that she would like to use, which works like an all-around essential for the actress. 

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Although Julia does not know how to put on eye shadow, she finds it convenient to do it on her face, which ultimately makes a difference. Apart from the make-up tutorial, the star gave a bit of serious advice in order to maintain a healthy skin type. According to her, the main thing she does is to remind herself to drink a lot of water.

This acts as a beauty mantra for the actress, for water is such a high percentage of our body. “The first thing I drink during the day is lemon water. I do love green juice!” added Garner. The Ozark supernova broke the internet with her classic Ruth Langmore outfits and the southern accent.

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Apart from fans, even the show’s heads have taken their moment to talk about the star’s enticing beauty. In an interview, even showrunner Chris Mundy also talked about Julia just glowing in the middle of the casino scene, low-key appreciating her gorgeousness. 

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