When Is ‘The Ultimatum’ Finale Coming to Netflix? What Can We Expect?

When Is ‘The Ultimatum’ Finale Coming to Netflix? What Can We Expect?

The first eight seasons of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On have already dropped on Netflix. And in these eight episodes, a lot has already gone down between the six couples that had arrived on the show. Viewers are still not sure what could end up together, given how the couples have already made the choice. So before The Ultimatum finale arrives on Netflix on April 13, here are a few predictions. Let’s find out which couples have a chance of going home together.

Jake and Rae might end up together in the finale of The Ultimatum on Netflix

The new couple Jake and Rae vibed immediately as soon as they met. Both of them got ample screen time and viewers got to see their appreciation for each other grow over the eight episodes. More importantly, Rae and Zay are over. She moved out of his apartment and also had a nasty fight with him, which became violent off camera. Jake is in a complicated situation and is quite understandably confused.

He and his original partner, April are trying to become parents. Moreover, his mother prefers April over Rae. The guy has previously mentioned that he’s close to his mother, but he chose to hide this fact from Rae. He needs to sort things out with April and clear his head for these two to end up together. 

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Randall may pop the question to Shanique 

Randall and Shanique arrive on the show because Shanique wanted kids and a marriage, but Randall was unsure. Randall entered a trial marriage with Madelyn, while Shanique got along with Zay. It seems Randall feels more at ease with Madelyn; they kiss often.

However, Madelyn made a surprising remark. According to her, Randall and Shanique are the strongest couples on the show. So could it mean that Randall will propose to Shanique in the finale of The Ultimatum on Netflix? Maybe. 

Madlyn and Colby’s toxic relationship could go either way 

Despite the women on the show labeling Colby as needy and controlling, Madelyn has expressed her wish to get married to him. But how does that explain her eye-rolling at Colby’s egotistical comments? 

Both of them dated different people on the show. Madelyn kissed Randall while Colby cheated with April and another woman. In the last episode, they also got into a huge argument. Yet, the two might rekindle their toxic relationship. 

We will know more about who ends up with whom once the finale reaches us on 22nd April. Watch the show here.

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