“When I was 10 years old, I snorted these”: When Ryan Reynolds Relived His Childhood While Tasting a Snack

“When I was 10 years old, I snorted these”: When Ryan Reynolds Relived His Childhood While Tasting a Snack

One can argue that the most significant import from Canada to the United States is minerals, but we think it is Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is recently in the news for his scathing remarks about the Vanarama Football League and for purchasing Wrexham. Although currently, he is not on any of the big screens, fans can catch the actor pushing his football club in the docu-series on Hulu. 

No matter what he does, whether he is bonding with Kpop fans or giving a pep talk to his team, the man always has his sense of humor intact. In an old interview with Ladbible, the actor participated in a snack war between the UK and Canada. Despite the diabetes segment, he was still dripping with sarcasm! 

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Ryan Reynolds snorted Cadbury Cream Balls when he was 10 

The actor promoted Detective Pikachu in 2019 when he participated in the Ladbible’s snack wars. Ryan Reynolds Ladbible’s interview went particularly well, considering how it took him back to his childhood. The actor was given Coffee Crisp and Cadbury Cream Ball to taste and decide which one would win.

As soon as he tasted the Cream Ball, he remarked that he had tasted those back in Canada when he was younger. He refuted the claim that it was a UK snack! He further added, “When I was 10, I snorted these!” 

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As for Coffee Crisp, it reminded him of when he was a boy and was running away from the law! Before tabloids could pick up on that, he quickly said it was a joke! Anyway, for the Canadian star, Canada took the win as he thought Coffee Crisp was a far better snack than the Cream Ball. 

What is he doing now?

Currently, the actor is hitting the gym to get back into shape for the upcoming Deadpool 3. Before Deadpool attained global success and became a pop culture sensation, Ryan was a little too wary about the project. He was afraid of letting people down, considering his past misfires in the comic book arena. But well, he took the risk, and it paid off. 

Do you think he was biased when he left Canada to take the win for Coffee Crisp?

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