When Even Henry Cavill AKA Superman Could Not Fly Safe From the Cancel Culture

When Even Henry Cavill AKA Superman Could Not Fly Safe From the Cancel Culture

Granted, the internet can be a wonderful place for learning and laughter, but it can also be downright catastrophic. For instance, let us examine the cancel culture. What started as a form of social justice became an uncontrollable beast. In fact, it has become so rampant and widespread that it has become impossible to escape it. Even Henry Cavill, the Superman himself, got dragged into it once.

In its nascent stage, cancel culture demanded consequences for offensive and problematic actions and accountability, even from the biggest celebrities. However, the recent ignorant and misguided use of this power divides the public opinion on this phenomenon. Let us find out how The Witcher actor got involved in the mess and why was #CancelHenryCavill trending on Twitter.

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Why did a section of the internet want to cancel Henry Cavill?

Back in February 2021, actress Gina Carano of Mandalorian fame came into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Carano allegedly posted several tweets that were deemed offensive and hurtful. Unsurprisingly, she faced immense backlash and the internet even boycotted her. So much so, that Lucasfilm, the producers of the Star Wars universe, and Mandalorian fired the actress for her “abhorrent and unacceptable” tweets.

Henry Cavill was in no way connected to this controversy except by a tiny association. The Enola Holmes actor briefly dated Gina Carano about a decade ago in 2012-2013. Even though they broke it off years ago, it did not stop the angry mobs from going after Cavill and insisting on his cancellation. Granted, Twitter deleted most of the unwarranted toxic tweets against the actor and suspended some accounts, but it was still a completely unnecessary intimidation crusade.

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Luckily, his lovely supporters came to The Witcher star’s defense and called out the baseless campaign against him. From hilarious GIFs calling the cancel culture “stupid” to harshly criticizing the cancel culture, fans did everything in their power to shut it down.

Even though this Son of Kryton usually believes in keeping his personal life private, social media does affect him. He might not have commented on the controversy back then, but he sure voiced his opinion when angry followers spewed hate on his current girlfriend Natalie Viscuso.

What are your thoughts on the cancel culture and the fact that Cavill got dragged into it? Let us know in the comments. With the premiere of Enola Holmes 2 just around the corner, you can re-watch the first part streaming on Netflix.

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