When Does Each Character Die in Peaky Blinders? A Timeline of Peaky Blinders Characters’ Deaths

When Does Each Character Die in Peaky Blinders? A Timeline of Peaky Blinders Characters’ Deaths

When you are talking about a show that captures the early 20th century in England; you are sure to encounter a plethora of deaths and BBC’s Peaky Blinders definitely doesn’t disappoint. While there sure were many deaths throughout the 5 seasons of the show, there were a few important ones, so here is an attempt at documentation of Peaky Blinders characters’ deaths.

The show streaming on Netflix revolves around a street gang in Birmingham, called the Peaky Blinders; the gang operated throughout the early 20th century. This group took part in a number of crimes including extortion, fraud, murder, and robbery; and of course, faced numerous deaths as well. Here are a few major ones to refresh your memory before we see the final season in a few months.

Danny Whizz-Bang – Episode 1.6

Finales are always the episode where we witness major deaths, and it was the same with episode 6 of season 1. Danny Whizz-Bang left the city, which made us believe that he was dead. But he did return to Birmingham to break free Freddie Thorne from jail; only to be killed during a shootout with Billy Kimber.

Freddie Thorne – Episode 2.1

Since we are talking about Freddie, he dies in probably one of the most bizarre ways; off-screen. The second season of Peaky Blinders opens with the whole gang attending Freddie Thorne’s funeral. He probably died of the Spanish Flu; though it seems to be a lame way to go, tells us about how severe the pandemic was. Between 1918 and 1920, the Spanish Flu went on to claim the lives of around fifty million people.

Inspector Campbell – Episode 2.6

Inspector Campbell was the primary antagonist for the first two seasons of the show; Campbell hired the Red Right hand to kill Shelby, which of course, doesn’t happen. Campbell was then cornered by the powerful aunt of the Shelbys, Polly inside a phone booth; She shot him to death, while he was talking to none other than Winston Churchill. This is THE way to go.

Grace Shelby – Episode 3.2

Previously known as Grace Burgess, the beautiful lady started off the show as an undercover agent working at The Garrison; however, she fell in love with Tom and Tom fell in love with her (also the audience did).


The beautiful couple got married, they even had a child together, but it all turned to mere air when Grace was shot dead at a party by an assassin who was working for Vicente Changretta. This was definitely the most shocking and painful death from the show, and we (us and Thomas) never really recovered from it.

Vicente Changretta – Episode 3.3

It comes as no surprise that the Shelbys went after the guy who killed Grace like mad wolves, Thomas even planned to give him a slow, painful, and ghastly death. Already shows how twisted and wicked Grace’s death had made him, but Arthur ends Vincente’s misery (and life) when he shoots him in the head.

John Shelby – Episode 4.2

An eye for an eye is the quote that Luca Changretta lives by, following the death of his father he is out seeking revenge from the Shelbys. John Shelby receives what is called a Black Hand from the Changretta family, which in a way marks him for death. John, Michael, and John’s wife Esme are all attacked by Changretta goons.

While Michael and Esme make it out alive from the automatic weapons assault, John couldn’t. Probably the second most painful death after Grace’s; which also proved that the show-runners are ready to kill even the major characters for the plot.

Luca Changretta – Episode 4.6

Violence begets violence is a recurring theme in Peaky Blinders; Luca Changretta becomes one more character who falls to it. Luca is out for revenge after the Shelbys killed his father; to be honest it seems fair since Shelbys also killed Vincente for revenge. He did seem to be a formidable enemy when he got John killed. But a presumed-dead Arthur puts a bullet right through his forehead; adding yet another name to Peaky Blinders characters’ deaths list.

Bonnie Gold – Episode 5.2

A young and passionate boxer, Bonnie Gold was one of the most determined characters in the show; he had this certain positive vibe that surrounded him. Bonnie wished to join the Peaky Blinders, which also becomes the reason why he lost his life. he is killed in episode 2 of the season when Glasgow’s Billy Boys make their way into the Gold campsite and shoot Aberama in the shoulder.

After getting beaten up in a gruesome manner, and literally hanged on a crucifix. Bonnie dies trying to fight and save his father from the goons.

Ben Younger – Episode 5.5

Ben Younger was the head of the army intelligence officers who arrested Ada; as she was connected to communists. Younger however struck a deal with Thomas later and started working for the Peaky Blinders. He conspired with Thomas to kill Oswald Mosley but instead was killed in a car explosion.

Seems like working for Thomas only makes you a name in the list of Peaky Blinders characters’ deaths.

Aberama Gold – Episode 5.6

Played by the very talented Aidan Gillen, Aberama Gold is one of the most important characters of the show. Gold is a hitman, who is hired by Thomas to protect the family from Changretta.


But the desire to take revenge for Bonnie’s death gets the best of him, as he plots to take out Jimmy McCavern; but is stabbed to death at the hands of McCavern’s men.

While we wait for the final season of Peaky Blinders, let us know your favorite moments from the show in the comments.

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