When Demi Lovato Flaunted Her Flirting Skills With Henry Cavill

When Demi Lovato Flaunted Her Flirting Skills With Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after men on this planet. The Man of Steel actor has an enormous fan base, who admires him not only for his heroic looks but also for his overall persona. So when people, even celebrities, come in contact, they want any attention they can get. Camp Rock singer Demi Lovato was one such celebrity. The Heart Attack singer attained fame at a young age, having a lot of fan following as well. While Cavill found quick success on the big screen.

Demi was single at the time, so her wanting to date would have only been natural. Meanwhile, The Witcher star had formerly been out of his engagement with British actress Ellen Whitaker. Two eligible and good-looking single people making a move at each other is always a thing of fun to watch, especially with such a massive following. Demi Lovato even dropped hints by saying she is normally the pursuer. “Let me get your number,” is how she would approach a guy. Did she and Henry eventually do that? We do not know, but we do know they tried.

Demi Love once hit on Henry Cavill

Fans usually ship their favorite celebrities together. So when Demi had a flirtationship with Cavill, there were high hopes for them to date. Back in 2018, the two were following each other on Instagram. Henry was the first one to follow, and they started leaving adorable comments and liking each other’s posts. Demi Lovato was 25 at the time, and Cavill was 34. When Lovato posted a sexy photo of herself and went on to like a couple of Henry’s photos.

Although it could be a mere coincidence since both had a mutual interest in Brazilian jujitsu, that did not stop people from falling in love with their little moments. In fact, Henry also commented on one of her photos, “This is awesome! Nice one Miss Lovato!” It sure raised hope amongst fans who would like to see them together.

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Probably more exciting than the two were other people. Tyler Oakley, an author, and YouTuber acknowledged the situation and gave his own reaction to it. He as well as other fans commended Demi’s tactics when it came to impressing The Man of Steel actor. Do you think they would make a great couple together? Comment and let us know!

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