When Brad Pitt Had Mixed Emotions About Millie Bobby Brown Hanging Out With His Daughters

When Brad Pitt Had Mixed Emotions About Millie Bobby Brown Hanging Out With His Daughters

The eminent star of Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown, is known for her bubbly nature and welcoming aura. And her fame has brought her many celebrity friends from every age group. As we saw, she built a strong bond with her co-stars, from Matthew Modine to Noah Schnapp. However, one of the most unlikely celebrity friendships includes Brad Pitt’s daughters. The famous Ocean’s Eleven actor is one of the most influential figures in American Cinema. But being a father matters more than this glistening world of fame. He once revealed his mixed emotions about Millie hanging out with Zahara and Shiloh. 

Brad Pitt was concerned about his kids socializing with Millie Bobby Brown

Back in 2019, the sources of Hollywood Life revealed that Brad Pitt was worried about his daughters hanging out with Millie Bobby Brown. He allowed Zahara and Shiloh to have a late-night dinner with their celebrity friend because he thought that teenagers should have freedom and a chance to explore their lives.

“Shiloh and Zahara’s night out with Millie Bobby Brown brought up mixed emotions for Brad,” quoted Hollywood Life.

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A father is always concerned about the lives of his kids, especially when it comes to his daughters. As a result, it is difficult for Brad Pitt to see them growing so fast. Moreover, it was stated that sometimes their night outings and socializing make him feel overwhelmed since his little girls are now becoming independent.

However, his protectiveness for Zahara and Shiloh doesn’t mean he doesn’t want them to experience new things. “On one hand, he’s happy that they’re making friends and having fun. Brad accepts that they’re both building their social lives and finding their independence.,” the source reported.

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Zahara has turned 17 now, and Shiloh is sweet 16 as we now see them turning into beauties. So it is certainly not easy for Brad Pitt to let his babies out in the world.

What do you think about Millie hand in hand with Pitt’s daughters? Do you like their teenage friendship? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box.

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