When Billie Eilish Made Selena Gomez Sob Over Her 2019 Song

When Billie Eilish Made Selena Gomez Sob Over Her 2019 Song

The greatest stars of the music industry of our time are known by the level at which their audience is able to resonate with their works. Be it the five-time Grammy titleholder Billie Eilish, Global sensation Selena Gomez or the Queen of the industry, Rihana, all of their pieces speak of a substance that is immaculate.  But did you know some of them are even bigger admirers of stars among themselves than us? 

Yes, you read it right. This held true when the Wizards of Waverly Place star who herself won legions of young fans once revealed her fondness for other singers. In an online interview with Apple Music Zane Lowe, the star revealed how much of a fan girl she is for megahit singers like Billie Eilish and Rihanna. Here is what she said. 

Selena talks about the 2019 Billie Eilish piece that made her weep

While opening her At home playlist, Selena enlisted some of her favorite songs that included Eilish’s Everything I Wanted. She evidently revealed the understanding that Billie has which reflects in her pieces. “Like she already knows,” exclaimed Selena. The singer also stated that she could relate to the song so much that it made her “sob” while listening to it. 

She further emphasized that Eilish had the perfect awareness of what the music industry could be. Answering the next round of questions, Selena could not stop but gush about Rihana’s masterpieces. Gomez said with full passion and enthusiasm that she has been a die-hard Rihana stan since the beginning of “SOS till date”. 

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The globally acclaimed star who has now entered her thirties has recently been in fame for her upcoming Apple Documentary. The real-life-based memoir would focus on her “uniquely raw and intimate” lifespan of six years. The movie is anticipated to make its way to Netflix on the 4th of November this year. 

Are you a Rihana fan too? Who do you like the most of the aforementioned three big names in the industry? What are your expectations from Selena Gomez’s upcoming movie? Jot down all your answers below.

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