When Billie Eilish Couldn’t Stop Gushing Over ‘James Bond’ Actor and Called Him ‘DILF’

When Billie Eilish Couldn’t Stop Gushing Over ‘James Bond’ Actor and Called Him ‘DILF’

Billie Eilish may be young, but her talent got her into amazing projects. The Multi-Grammy award winner is also the youngest artist to headline the Glastonbury. The Bad Guy singer first had her breakthrough with the song Ocean Eyes, at the tender age of thirteen, on SoundCloud. Considered one of the youngest amazing talents in the industry, she saw herself as an introverted loner. But when the now 20-year-old American talent spoke about The Logan Lucky actor, she did not hold back.

This opportunity also meant she would meet Mr. Bond, played at that time by Daniel Craig, whose charm already had captured a lot of fans. Craig worked in a total of five James Bond movies from 2006 to 2021. Her song from the movie was a super hit, being nominated for Academy Awards. The 54-year-old is married to The Mummy fame Rachel Weisz, and together they have two kids. The song came as a hidden treat and was a surprise for the 007 fans.

Billie Eilish was nervous when meeting 007’s Daniel Craig

Billie Eilish once appeared on Late Night Show with Seth Meyers. When talking about her experience with the James Bond project, Seth asked if Eilish was nervous around Daniel Craig. She had met him, as she was to sing the Oscar-nominated song for James Bond- No Time to Die. The Happier Than Ever singer agreed. “He’s James Bond,” she said, adding that “he is a DILF.” The audience went up in cheers and clapped when the artist made that statement. Seth pointed out that it would be weird if he had said that statement, although he showed full support to the young rockstar.

Both Seth and Billie Eilish went on admiring this James Bond’s eyes. While Seth was hilarious compared their eyes looked like they have pinkeye, in comparison to Craig. She chucked while complimenting Craig’s eyes, “You literally would not believe them like they look crazy,” but in a good way. But Seth also showed his sweet side, complimenting Billie’s blue eyes, quoting “Those eyes girl.”

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Billie’s song No Time to Die for the Bond movie became a hit after its release. At present, the James Bond franchise is on the lookout for their next 007 owing to Daniel Craig’s retirement, and fan favorite Henry Cavill seems to be leading the race. While the world awaits its next super spy, comments below if you would like to see Billie collaborate with the next Bond?

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