When 16-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Revealed That She Believes in ‘Making Noise’

When 16-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Revealed That She Believes in ‘Making Noise’

Millie Bobby Brown comes across as a calm and composed person on the camera. Ever since her debut as Eleven in Stranger Things, the actor has maintained an image of a sophisticated girl who oozes confidence and positivity. In her glorious acting career, Brown has featured in a handful of memorable films including Godzilla vs Kong, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Enola Holmes, and Enola Holmes 2.

Apart from acting, the youngster has made a mark as a producer and an entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown also makes heads turn with her classy yet comfortable fashion statement. Just like her persona on the camera during interviews, Brown maintains the image of a good girl behind the scenes as well. When the British actress was questioned about the rebellious side of her personality, she gave a noteworthy answer.

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Millie Bobby Brown reflects on a different aspect of her personality

Millie Bobby Brown’s character Eleven from Stranger Things has spunk in her personality. However, in real life, the 18-year-old does not fancy the idea of being a rebellion much. Speaking about her actual personality, Brown mentioned that though she can be a rebel, she has been a good girl throughout her life. The Enola Holmes star also mentioned that she likes to be loud about her thoughts and opinions. 

“I can be rebellious. But not so much. I’ve never been grounded by my parents. I’m a very good girl. But I do believe in making noise, in being loud,” Brown said in a 2019 interview with W Magazine.

The Stranger Things actor does not let the fame get to her head

Meanwhile, her father described Millie Bobby Brown as a little shy girl. Millie’s father admitted that the actor has a different side reserved for her family. 

In the same interview, Brown also reflected on how she keeps herself grounded. She is the youngest ever person to feature on Time’s list of 100 most influential people. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Despite being just 18 years old, Millie Bobby Brown has seen a lot of success and fame.

Speaking about the same, the actor added that the success hasn’t changed her as she still feels anxious and nervous. 

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