What’s First if Being “ballsy” Is the Second Reason Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Smoke Stogies Around His Wife

What’s First if Being “ballsy” Is the Second Reason Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Smoke Stogies Around His Wife

Given the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered one of the best bodybuilders of all time, his gutsy nature is only natural. Not to mention how his best-known role is playing a hardcore assassin that has time-traveled from the future. The bodybuilder turned actor has done quite a lot of daring things. Running for elections is one of them.

From admitting to using steroids while preparing for his bodybuilding competitions to cheating on his wife while serving as the Governor of California, the actor is definitely “ballsy”. Despite being the health freak that he is, an old clip of the actor talking passionately about his love for cigars is making the rounds. And people find it hilarious not only because of the irony but also because of the seriousness with which the actor talks about cigars.

Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger not afraid of smoking cigars?

Much like most of the things that Schwarzenegger does, his marriage was also highlighted by the media. However, it wasn’t just the fact that he was marrying but also who he was marrying that caught people’s attention. The former Governor of California tied the knot with Maria Shriver in 1986. Not only did Shriver have a very rich heritage but she was also a news reporter widely popular among her audiences. Furthermore, Maria Shriver is the niece of President John F. Kennedy who is one of the founding members of America’s democracy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in an old interview is seen talking about a wonderful thing that his father-in-law introduced him to. And before the journalist could jump to asking what his wife thinks about this habit of his, the actor himself cleared it.

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Therefore, Schwarzenegger can smoke stogies in his house because his father-in-law introduced him to it. And if his wife has a problem with that, she would first have to admit that her father is wrong which she obviously won’t.

Secondly, Schwarzenegger said that he does not need a hiding place to smoke his stogy because “I am a stud, I am ballsy, and I take no s**t from anyone“. The actor’s marriage with his wife lasted only till his term as the Governor of California. Their separation however was not due to Schwarzenegger’s smoking habits but due to a cheating scandal that revealed he had a thirteen-year-old son with a house helper.

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