“What’s Brad Pitt’s name?”: Jamie Foxx Fumbles When Asked About the Name of Vampires During ‘Day Shift’ Premiere

“What’s Brad Pitt’s name?”: Jamie Foxx Fumbles When Asked About the Name of Vampires During ‘Day Shift’ Premiere

The new Netflix Original film Day Shift starring Jamie Foxx recently started streaming. The movie is an action-packed thriller where Jamie plays the role of a Vampire hunter. Vampires are probably one of the most popular monster ever to be portrayed on the big screen. Since the inception of cinema, we have had some of the most iconic and successful actors play the role of bloodsucking predators.

However, when Jamir Foxx was recently asked to name the popular Vampires, he forgot a major one. Let us see what answers did Foxx give.

Jamie Foxx star of Day Shift by Netflix names popular Vampires

It was the year 1929 when the world first got to witness the monster called Vampire. Almost a century later, the pop culture around the character has grown substantially, with thousands of adaptations of the monster who can’t come out during the day. So when Jamie went on the red carpet for the premiere of his new vampire flick, the interviewer had to question Foxx about his knowledge of the undead.

During his short interview, Jamie was asked to name three of the most popular Vampires in history. The Academy Award-winning actor quickly named Bela Lugosi and Edward. However, he struggled with the famous Bradd Pitt character in Interview with the Vampire. “What’s Brad Pitt’s name?” he said.

Finally, with the help of the interviewer, he gave the answer Lestat. Funnily, Lestat was the name of Tom Cruise’s character, not Pitt’s. Brad played the role of Louis in the film. To end his interview, Foxx urged his fans to watch the film on Netflix, releasing August 12th. And specifically asked the viewers to “don’t share the password.”

Are people licking the film?

Netflix so far is enjoying a great second half of 2022. After the successful release of The Sandman earlier this month, it looks like Day Shift has also managed a win for the streamer. The movie includes great action and a surprising twist keeping the film fresh.

Have you guys seen the Day Shift? Name some iconic vampires in the comments below.

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