What Will Be the Future of Saxons After The Last Kingdom Season 5?

What Will Be the Future of Saxons After The Last Kingdom Season 5?

The Last Kingdom just wrapped things up with its season 5. The season finale was full of blood and new revelations. However, if you found the season’s finale a bit confusing and not wholly answering all your queries, you are right. As showrunner Stephen Butchard has something different planned for the conclusion of the epic saga.

What after The Last Kingdom season 5

It looks like Netflix is doing what BBC did with Peaky Blinders. After the last season, the true conclusion to the story will come through a feature film. Yes! That’s right. The Last Kingdom will be concluding with a movie; Seven Kings Must Die.

After the events of season five, a film will be released to conclude all the remaining plot points. The movie might take inspiration from Bernard Cornwell’s last three books – War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and War Lord. However, no official news has been released regarding the film’s plot, so we can only make assumptions regarding season five’s ending.

The film might revolve around King Constantine of Scotland, and King Edward of Wessex as both believe that they are the legitimate proprietors of the region, and the fragile ceasefire mediated by Uhtred will likely fall apart soon.

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The sudden return of Osbert is another last-minute twist that appears to set the setting for the following film. Because Uhtred has a lousy track record as a father, the appearance of another distant offspring is expected to add to the film’s drama.

Films Release date

Seven Kings Must Die is currently in its infancy as filming only started in January earlier this year. So, right now no news or updates regarding the release date is possible.

However, since the movie will be airing two hours and the crew usually shoots for 10 hours’ worth of episodes, production should take place quickly. Assuming a release date as soon as early or mid-2023 won’t be a streatch. This is just an educated guess and be sure to keep checking out our website for the release date a trailer breakdown when released.

For now, let us rewatch The Last Kingdom season 5 to get ready for the film.

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