What Were Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Doing Under the Balcony of Will Smith’s House in Rio de Janeiro?

What Were Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Doing Under the Balcony of Will Smith’s House in Rio de Janeiro?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were amongst the most powerful and popular couples in Hollywood back in the day. Both have had incredible careers in their respective fields. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Will Smith. We are no strangers to the fame and stardom Smith enjoys. And interestingly, in 2013, West and Kardashian had an interesting crossover with Smith as the couple was spotted below the Men in Black actor’s balcony. While the actor was partying in his apartment, what were Ye and Kardashian up to?

Back in 2013, the Carnival festival in Rio de Janeiro saw some of the biggest Hollywood faces in the crowd, including Will Smith and Kanye West. West, who was in Brazil along with his then-wife Kim Kardashian, was staying right below Smith’s room. And a picture of the trio went viral, wherein Smith was partying on his balcony with his pals while the couple was enjoying their vacation in Brazil.

Reportedly, the former couple skipped the Grammy Awards Night and flew to Rio de Janeiro. Kardashian even captured and shared a few snaps of the I Am Legend actor partying around. Taking to Twitter, a startled Kardashian wrote, “Will Smith gets the crowd going.”

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Meanwhile, the trio apparently hung out together in the Rio de Janeiro carnival together. Interestingly, partying was not the only activity The Pursuit Of Happyness star was doing in Brazil. Both Ye and Smith were spotted leaving a studio together, sparking rumors of a possible collaboration between the two stars. However, sadly, that never happened, not for the lack of West’s efforts.

Years seem to have taken a toll on their supposed friendship, however, since the Gold Digger singer took a dig at the Smiths.

When Kanye West seemingly took a jibe at Will and Jada Smith

As we all know, both Ye and Smith are no strangers to controversies. And not long ago, West sat down for a chat with Jason Lee for Hollywood Unlocked, where he took a subtle jibe at the Smiths. While discussing various aspects of his marriage with Kardashian, the actor spoke, “We’re not going for a ‘Will and Jada’ because everybody got problems on both sides.”

While the Heartless hitmaker did not elaborate what he mean by that, it is safe to assume that Ye was referring to the infamous Red Table Talk between Smith and Jada.

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