What “weird questions” Do People Ask Pete Davidson About Kanye West?

What “weird questions” Do People Ask Pete Davidson About Kanye West?

If there is any celebrity that has been in the news the most, it has to be Pete Davidson. Right from the beginning of 2022, Pete has been making news for different reasons. Recently he made a lot of people emotional after announcing his decision to leave Saturday Night Live. But before that, Pete was heavily in coverage due to his ongoing controversy with American rapper Ye.

While Pete mainly remained silent about the whole squabble with Ye, he did talk about how people asked him questions that he did not like in The Netflix Is A The Joke Festival.

Let us see what questions Pete Davidson was talking about.

Pete Davidson says he doesn’t like the questions people ask him

Pete Davidson’s special at The Netflix Is A Joke Festival was hilarious. It marked the first time Pete openly talked about his disagreement with Ye.

But not many people were not able to watch his whole stand-up, Pete Davidson Present: The Best Friends. However, as Netflix filmed the whole set, it is now available on the streaming service.

The special is full of great jokes and a surprise musical performance from one of Davidson’s closest friends. And he also talks about how weird 2022 was for him and his friends.

Davidson pointed out that people ask him “weird questions” regarding some issues which he doesn’t like. He went on to tell how people asked him about his close friend, the American Rapper Jack Harlow.

Pete said that people want to know whether he is offended that Harlow collaborated with West on his new song, Donda 2. The comedian replied negatively, saying that he completely understood his friend and his profession.

“And I’m like, ‘No, he’s a rapper. That’s his field – that’s what they do, “ said the SNL alumnus, adding that his feelings are not hurt in any way.

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Earlier this year, Harlow appeared on West’s Donda 2 song Louie Bags. Pete also mentions that Jack and he have been friends for almost three years now.

What do you guys think about Pete’s new special? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

Stream the special only on Netflix.

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