“What was very bizarre is…”: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Star Tom Hopper On Working With His Actual Wife As Work Wife In ‘Love in the Villa’

“What was very bizarre is…”: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Star Tom Hopper On Working With His Actual Wife As Work Wife In ‘Love in the Villa’

Love in the Villa a new amiable rom-com arrived on Netflix a few days back about star-crossed travelers. The new romance recipe featured Tom Hopper and Kat Graham in the mainframe as Charlie and Julia. Viewers saw the strong bigfoot Umbrella Academy star in a transformed version where he is focused on his career. Meanwhile, the Vampire Dairies star played a lovely primary school teacher who has dreams of big romance.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend breaks up with her before their trip to Verona. And her heartbreak doesn’t end there as she is shocked to find out Charlie already has a fiancée. The creation of the movie was a complete adventure from casting to handling moody kitties. Let’s see what Tom has shared about his new experience of working with his actual wife as a work wife.

Tom Hopper felt miserable breaking up with his wife onscreen in Love in the Villa

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Tom Hopper sat down to talk about his experience of working with his wife Laura Hopper. In Love in the Villa, we saw that Charlie and Julia start growing close and suddenly new twists drop. It is revealed that Charlie is already engaged to a blonde fashion designer named Cassie.

Moreover, many might have overlooked that the actress who played Cassie was Hopper’s wife. This might be surprising because she looked very different in her new look as she naturally has dark hair. During the interview, Tom Hopper said that it was his wife who persuaded him to sign the project, despite the fact that she was playing a negative character in the same movie.

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She was like, ‘I just read this really great script called Love in the Villa. It’s a really sweet rom-com and you should read it,” said the actor. Therefore, he read the script again and said yes to the movie.

Meanwhile, he praised Cassie for her acting and said he love working with his wife. However, it was strange to have the opposite relationship onscreen because in real life they are true love birds. Tom added that his wife is different from the character in reality.

“She’s so funny. She’s a very good comedic actress. What was very bizarre is I break up with her in the movie,” shared The Umbrella Academy actor.

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