What Was the Tweet That Got Kanye West Restricted From Social Media?

What Was the Tweet That Got Kanye West Restricted From Social Media?

Kanye fans may not be able to see his posts soon. So what did Kanye West tweet this time? The artist went on a barrage of tweets criticizing anyone on his way. He is someone who has always believed in his freedom of expression but his degree of expression is starting to affect him negatively. The designer’s social media outrage first began after his split from his wife Kim Kardashian. And there on it has only escalated.

This was followed by a banter against his former partners GAP and Adidas. But when the entrepreneur decided to take matters into his own hands, they got even more intense. The newest word of words began with his White Lives Matter T-shirt and ended with making Anti-Semitic statements.

What did Kanye West tweet to get him restricted?

Kanye, legally known as Ye, has landed himself in some serious pickle with his anti-Semitic remarks. According to reports, the musician was already getting his profile restricted as a result of his social media posts. He even posted an old post of him singing along with Mark Zuckerberg from a party years ago. Reminding the latter of the friendship, since Ye’s profile got under scrutiny. This led him to target the Jewish Facebook founder along with others, through a possibly threatening tweet.

The YZY owner wrote, “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” The sentence refers to the military term Defcon which referred to the scales of threat, with 1 being the highest. This has spread shockwaves and resistance by Jewish groups.

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Kanye on his Twitter, also talked about rapper Diddy who refused to support the former White Lives Matter T-shirt, claiming that Diddy was being controlled by Jewish people. Although, the newest people to condemn him now are Sarah Silverman, Jamie Curtis Lee, Josh Gad, and musician Lizzo.

The man, who once wanted to become a President has his fate in dark, as powerful media people decide on his freedom to continue on their platforms. Do you think Ye is simply practicing his freedom of speech, or should there be some censorship to it? Let us know in the comments.


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