What Was the Durrell Challenge That Henry Cavill Undertook With Rumored Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso

What Was the Durrell Challenge That Henry Cavill Undertook With Rumored Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso

Henry Cavill is a man of many credits. Over the years, he has become one of the most prominent and sought-after actors in the industry today. While The Man of Steel has cemented himself as a great entertainer and performer, there are a plethora of other exciting activities Cavill does apart from acting.

Often while watching his movies and shows, fans assume Cavill to be a serious man, but in reality, the British actor is pretty fun and chill in real life. He is an avid gamer, a nerd for fantasy novels, and a big fan of Warhammer characters. Furthermore, the Enola Holmes star is the brand ambassador of a wildlife conservation park and even took the Durrell Challenge with Natalie Viscuso, Cavill’s rumored girlfriend.

Henry Cavill enjoys a massive fan following worldwide. And, fans often want to know about their favorite star’s relationship. In recent times, Cavill’s relationship with Natalie Viscuso has been making the news. Moreover, the two even did the Durrell Challenge together. But what is the challenge about? Let us find out.

Henry Cavill completes the Durrell Challenge along with Natalie Viscuso

Cavill, as we all know, is very active in the conservation of the environment. The Witcher star is also the brand ambassador of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust & Jersey Zoo. Previously, the actor was also part of the Durrel Challenge, a 13k road race in Jersey alongside a 13k virtual run. The race is also an initiative to protect some of the most endangered wildlife species on the planet.

Cavill completed the run alongside Natalie Viscuso and even took to Instagram after the couple took part in the good cause. Alongside a selfie, the Geralt of Rivia wrote the caption, “Our Durrell Challenge is officially complete!” 

Cavill added how the duo decided to walk most of the run as the actor was incredibly burned out due to continuously shooting fight scenes for two weeks. The Enola Holmes star even wrote how he used Natalie’s broken foot as a convenient excuse for himself. Cavill concluded the post by saying, “I hope you’ve all enjoyed your Durrell Challenge experiences so far!”

Two weeks prior to the race, Cavill even expressed his gratitude with a video wearing a lion hat for all the runners participating in the run. 

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Although, this is not the first time Cavill has done something for the wild. Previously, the Enola Holmes star even adopted a bat from the wildlife park.

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