What to Expect From Russian Doll Season 2? Check Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Season 1 Recap, Upcoming Plot, and More

What to Expect From Russian Doll Season 2? Check Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Season 1 Recap, Upcoming Plot, and More

Save the date 4/20 because the time loop comedy, Russian Doll, is returning with season 2! The comedy instantly landed with fans of Groundhog Day as the plot involves the main character, Nadia (Lyonne), getting stuck in a loop and befriending a similar time traveler, Alan (Charlie Barnett), to find a way to stop the loop. Season 2 was greenlighted in June 2019, but the pandemic-induced delay forced the creators to change the schedule. After a premiere in early 2019, the show is back after a long gap with even more twists! 

Natasha Lyonne dropped the exciting news on Twitter!

Russian Doll Season 2 trailer

Lyonne announced the release date along with the teaser on her Twitter handle. The teaser gives nothing away except that the main setting this season will be the NYC Subway station. And Nadia is still as nonchalant as ever as she says, “When the universe fucks with you, let it.” 

Will the original cast return? 

Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland’s trippy show is bringing back the original cast: Charlie Bennett, Greta Lee, Rebecca Henderson, and obviously Natasha Lyonne.

When initially pitched, Nadia was a presence throughout all three of them. But it was not in a very conventional way if that makes sense. She was always a presence, as we knew Lyonne would always be the beating heart and soul of this show. Whether she was being haunted or she was haunting the narrative, she would be there,said Headland.

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Apart from the original cast, there are new additions. Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek), Carolyn Michelle Smith (House of Cards) Sharlto Copley (Chappie), and Ephraim Sykes (Hamilton) will join the cast of Russian Doll. Details about their characters are not known yet, but Headland revealed that Murphy will be playing “one of the good guys.” 

What can you expect from the new season? 

The new season will take place four years after the events in season 1. From the looks of the teaser, it seems like Nadia and Alan will probably be embarking on a Time Travel and won’t repeat the time loop story. Addressing the fan theories, Lyonne mentioned, “It’s definitely a wild ride.” Alan and Nadia both escaped the time loop but the ending has hinted at multiple versions of Nadia. This might be explored more in the new season. 

Are you excited for the new season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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