What To Expect from ‘After Ever Happy’ and What Is Next In Line?

What To Expect from ‘After Ever Happy’ and What Is Next In Line?

The After movie franchise has been a plethora of heart-wrenching storylines with a lot of twists and turns. Ever since the beginning of the series from the first movie to the latest, Tesa and Hardin have been through enough hardships in their lives. But they have made it a point to always come back to each other at the end of the day. However, After We Fell left the fans devastated with a cliffhanger that we expect to make sense in the last story. As we all are aware by now, After Ever Happy is now in theatres and will reach our screens through Netflix anytime soon.

But is the fandom prepared for this hell of a ride with Hardin and Tessa? Will their story end on a positive note as it always has? Or do we have to stack up tissue papers while it is on? Hold your breaths as we bring to you some of the most expected theories of the movie. Here is a brief synopsis of After Ever Happy that might make things easier for you.

Hang on, this might contain some straight-up spoilers so, even if you want to strangle anyone to death, Instagram is your man. Not us!

What can we expect from After Ever Happy on Netflix?

First things first, the third movie of the franchise had some massive revelations about Hardin’s biological parents. His mom and Vance always had something going on. Something that is left unfinished. Later in the film, we know that Vance is actually Hardin’s father. While Tessa also makes a life-changing decision, it’s difficult to even imagine where the two are going to end.

However, as we already saw it coming, Hardin might break up with Tessa to not be a burden on her anymore in the final movie. As per the teaser and video clips released on Instagram, it’s highly anticipated that Tessa and Landon have something brewing up between them.

Hardin is probably back to being the dark black-jacket bad guy with girls sprawling on him. Tessa, however, pushes herself hard and manages her work and leaves for London on her own. There’s surely something severely wrong with her dad as she seems to go through another trauma. Yet again, even after the series of traumatizing events and treacherous heartbreaks, there might be good news for the derailed couple. There might be a sure-shot time-lapse of years as the couple is already in their middle age by the end of the trailer.

The official Instagram account of After movies released a pic showing a teenager with an uncanny resemblance to Hardin. Even the last book by Anna Todd ends on a note that Hardin and his Tessa are finally parents to two beautiful kids, Emery and Auden. This should come as a massive surprise since we saw Tessa having issues with her pregnancy. Regardless, this would be a softer and more beautiful end to the devastating life of our beloved couple. After all that they have gone through in life, this is the least that they owe to themselves.

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What are your predictions for the movie? Do you expect any more plot twists that might cut our hearts into two once again? Pour it all out in the comments below.

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