“What the f*ck does that mean?”: Kanye West Was Once Baffled With Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Talk in Hilarious Commercial

“What the f*ck does that mean?”: Kanye West Was Once Baffled With Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Talk in Hilarious Commercial

The names of Kanye West and Kobe Bryant are not unknown unless one is living under a rock. Both are the greatest of all time in their respective fields. The two have accomplished great heights and carved a niche out for themselves in a very competitive industry. Moreover, the two also have one of the most famous lines of shoes, Kanye’s Yeezy and Nike’s Zoom Kobe. Previously the two great personalities starred together in a Nike campaign before Kanye’s Yeezy was released, and Kanye was at a loss for words with Kobe’s advice.

Kobe Bryant was an inspiration to not just the common audience. Many celebrities were also in awe of the Mamba. However, this one time, Kobe left Kanye stunned with his wisdom.

When Kobe Bryant’s wisdom left Kanye West befuddled

Back in 2012, Kobe partnered with Nike on various commercials touting his signature shoe line. The Los Angeles Lakers star appeared with Kanye in one of such commercials. Kobe had the role of a life coach who would advise successful people to find more success, while Kanye was in the audience. The Stronger hitmaker reached out to Kobe for guidance.

Kanye asked the Black Mamba how much more successful he should become and how many records his albums could break. To that, Kobe’s response was simple, yet trolling. Kobe suggested stretching out for more success and breaking more records. When Kanye replied that he was the best, Kobe’s response might be one of the best lines in the history of commercials.

Kobe: “But are you a different animal and the same beast?”

Kanye: “what the f*** does that mean, Kobe Bryant?”

Kobe: “You’re welcome.”

Immediately, a series of claps followed while Kanye was still processing what had happened. As continuous applause rained down, Kanye kept saying, “What the F*** is he talking about?” However, it seems like the Mamba Mentality was beyond the Genius of Ye. Apart from Kanye, the commercial series also featured a multitude of stars, such as Serena Williams and Richard Branson.

Fans had a field day with the commercial

Fans were left in splits as a series of memes and tweets followed after the commercial surfaced online.

Sadly, Kobe is no longer with us anymore. His games and this commercial will always be remembered and make us laugh.

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What do you think Kobe Bryant was trying to say? Share your best guess in the comments below.

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