What Really Is the Hype House? Who All Lives in the Hype House? What to Expect From Hype House on Netflix?

What Really Is the Hype House? Who All Lives in the Hype House? What to Expect From Hype House on Netflix?

The grass is always greener on the other side. This is a concept many of us cannot wrap our heads around. As fun and escapist as it looks, this is exactly what Hype House on Netflix has tried to put into perspective. From endless a seemingly perfect lifestyle to endless validation on the internet, influencers seem to have it all. This reality television series is here to show the influencers’ side of the story to viewers as they struggle with mental health issues while trying their best to make a peaceful living.

What exactly is Hype House on Netflix about?

It was the December of 2019 when Daisy Keech brought to life Hype House. It initially referred to a group of influencers on the social media platform TikTok. Alongside Thomas Petrou, The D’Amelio sisters and Addison Rae, this group that peaked with 21 members resided in a magnificent Spanish-style mansion that goes by the name of- yes, you guessed it- Hype House.

Later, the members of the group gradually left, either due to internal issues or for reasons related to their career growth. However, Hype House didn’t really die out as new members kept joining. Currently, the group comprises the following people:

  • Thomas Petrou
  • Nikita Dragun
  • Chase Hudson
  • Larray
  • Mia Hayward
  • Alex Warren
  • Jack Wright
  • Kouvr Annon
  • Vinnie Hacker

And the Netflix Original reality series Hype House surrounds the lives of these individuals.

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Is it worth a watch?

If it is reality television you’re watching, you’re in for a lot of drama. While there are series like School of Chocolate, they are exceptions and hence, rare. The general rule makes reality television synonymous with drama- it is something that goes without saying. Hype House on Netflix isn’t an exception to this either. Nevertheless, we think it is worth a watch.

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Hype House is something that I started and put my heart and soul into,” Thomas Petrou said right at the beginning of the series. He then proceeded to call it an extension of himself. For a show whose only aim is to give an insight into the life of influencers, it shouldn’t be that deep, right? The answer to that is mixed.

While we see influencers put on a facade that makes their lives seem perfect, they really aren’t. There are many out there who argue that influencers are seen to be privileged because they are. While this might be true in a number of cases, it doesn’t change the fact that these are individuals living in a society. Their issues range from sexual identity to race and class, just like any other person.

And this is exactly what Hype House has tried to make evident in this series based on their life. Many of the viewers won’t like it- Twitter certainly doesn’t. But the show does manage to provide a new perspective. Viewers also see a number of problematic things their favorite TikTokers do and say, something they wouldn’t have known otherwise. Add to this the fact that these are teenagers living under the threat of being “canceled” anytime, you begin to see what the point of the series is.

The show’s tagline goes- “they’re living the life“, but are they? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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