What Money Heist Has Taught Us? Read the Lessons Learnt From This Global Phenomenon

What Money Heist Has Taught Us? Read the Lessons Learnt From This Global Phenomenon

With the premiere of the much-awaited volume 2 of Money Heist season 5, fans who were busy brainstorming new theories, and others who prayed that their favorite character doesn’t die can finally stop stressing. But as people will watch the well-planned heists, they will realize the importance of deep lessons from Money Heist.

While the series has been popular for its action and, of course, Professor’s charms, there are some Money Heist lessons worth a read which haven’t got enough spotlight.

Planning is the key – Most important Money Heist lesson

We see how Professor is always a 100 steps ahead of his enemies, which helps the gang immensely in the heists. Similarly, if you plan ahead of time, you, too, can be successful. If Professor can plan for his entire gang, you can definitely plan for yourself.

But attention to detail is of utmost importance, as you can’t just plan for one thing and expect it to work out. Become a full-fledged nerd or an encyclopedia about the thing that you are passionate about.

Hard Work, Duh

A plan is just a layout that won’t work without your efforts. Sure, Professor had a brilliant plan, but it wouldn’t have helped him if the gang hadn’t stood up the way it did. We can clearly see that every member’s commitment to the plan leads to its success. Conversely, when one of them screws up, everyone has to suffer.

Failures are not the end

Even if Professor’s plans don’t get derailed as often as ours, he never loses his calm. You should also try to inculcate this value from Professor. So, the next time something doesn’t go according to your plan, try avoiding knee-jerk reactions.

Everyone has a role to play

While you can be the leader of the group, it is essential that you are self-aware of your capabilities. Like Professor was the brain behind the plan, he assigns different roles to different members.

A great leader always recognizes the potential in others. Thus, pick your team wisely, but we hope you are not off to a heist.

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