“What is there not to be angry about?”: Poorna Jagannathan Talks About Devi’s Anger and How It Is Relevant

“What is there not to be angry about?”: Poorna Jagannathan Talks About Devi’s Anger and How It Is Relevant

Poorna Jagannathan has been in the spotlight since the success of Never Have I Ever, not only for her powerful on-screen roles but also for her memorable fashion choices. Playing a typical Indian mom in a show based on American background is a tough task. But Poorna has nailed it to every bit. And not just her acting, but her fashion sense in the show is being highly appreciated. Starring in the hit Netflix series has left an indelible mark on her life. She plays Doctor Naini Vishwakumar, the mother of our star girl, Devi, in the show.

Poorna Jagannathan aka Nalini is a typical Indian mother

Poorna isn’t a typical Indian mother in real life, but in the show she is. Her daughter in the show, Devi, is a confused and stubborn teenager. With her father’s loss and her legs losing sensation, she had to deal with trauma in her primary teenage years. She tries to deal with her grief, her identity, and school life the next year. All of this is happening while she is also having trouble with how she talks to her mother, Nalini. Devi also has to deal with her feelings for Paxton and Ben after she cheats on them both with each other. The series shows how Devi deals with all of the shenanigans daily.

Now that was some real-life drama! With a daughter like Devi, there is a big time need for a mother like Nalini. But being a different type of mother in real life, what does Poorna think of her reel daughter’s anger?

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What does Poorna think of the show’s discussion of women’s anger problems?

She was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair where she talked about the show and her personal life. She was questioned about Devi’s anger issues. Most of the time, Nalini doesn’t like the way Devi expresses that. She was asked as a woman in the present time, how she feels being involved in a project where women’s anger is taken seriously.

“I mean, what is there not to be angry about? I’m dead serious. I walk around rageful all the time. To see a character express it is so fulfilling to all of us, in all our different stages of life. As an adult woman, I feel it, I just don’t express it,” said Poorna.

She further talks about the Indian goddess of destruction named Kali, who holds a severed head in each hand. Poorna thinks it’s tragic that we’ve lost it but when any of us does that, it creates a big difference for all of us. It’s thrilling to see someone like Maitreyi portraying that in the show.

Never Have I Ever is a hilarious combination of a typical teenager being handled by her strict yet sarcastic single mother. Although Nalini has changed a lot in the new season and has become very supportive, it will be fun to see Nalini and Devi bonding more in the next season of the show. But first, let us know what you think of Poorna’s thoughts on women’s anger in the comments below.

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