What Is the Sandman Day? Why Do Fans Around the Globe Celebrate the Comic Book Dedicated Day?

What Is the Sandman Day? Why Do Fans Around the Globe Celebrate the Comic Book Dedicated Day?

Netflix’s latest hit series The Sandman has managed to win the hearts of both comic lovers and viewers as well. The dark fantasy broke the record of Stranger Things, with a total of 1.368 minutes streamed within the first week. The series and comic are both the unadulterated masterpiece of Neil Gaiman.

Watching The Sandman, you will be blown away by the attention to detail that has gone into every dialogue and every set. No wonder this DC universe comic has an entire day dedicated to itself. 14th of September is a cherished day for fans of the series because it marks the day of the return of Dream. Keep on reading to find out how The Sandman day came to be.

Why is The Sandman day celebrated?

While the Netflix series titled The Sandman mostly revolves around Morpheous, who is the Lord of the Dreaming and most popularly known as Sandman, the comic has a plethora of different storylines that deliver the same emotional impact. Having Neil Gaiman as the executive producer the series has more or less managed to be as accurate as the universe created in his comic. We have highlighted the word-to-word similarity between the comic and the show here.

The fanbase of the dark fantasy comic only keeps growing by each day. And the 14th of September is important to them, as it marks the start of Morpheus’ revival. After spending years in captivity, he finally escapes on this day. Fans with keen eyes noted the day from the newspaper that two on-goers were reading in the comic.

After his escape, the Lord of the Dreaming starts his quest to rebuild his kingdom and find his totems. His emotional and beautiful journey to fix what went wrong during his absence started on this day and is made memorable by fans who celebrate it.

The man of the hour, Neil Gaiman himself, wished fans today on Twitter. Fans filled his mentions with drawings and words of gratitude for his beautiful creation. Check out the beautifully crafted eleven-part series on Netflix.

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Did you believe in the comic supremacy or enjoyed the series better? Let us know in the comments below.

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