What Is the One Dish Ryan Gosling Compares to an Angel’s Tears on His Tongue?

What Is the One Dish Ryan Gosling Compares to an Angel’s Tears on His Tongue?

Food is the language of love for a large part of this world. It is one of those things that has kept this world united yet diverse. And you will always remember the story behind your favorite dish being your favorite. Sometimes it is nostalgia, whereas sometimes it might be introduced to you by some other person. The best part is that you do not even realize when that particular food, out of millions existing in this world, becomes your favorite. But, what if one day you were told that you could eat only one dish for the rest of your life? You might get confused. Well, it seems like Ryan Gosling has figured out the answer to this.

The one dish Ryan Gosling can eat for his entire life is a dessert

In July 2022, Ryan Gosling was promoting his film The Gray Man. And in the same link, he gave an interview to Netflix Latin America where he was asked this question about his forever favorite dish. Since Ryan gosling is Canadian, most people might wonder if it would be a typical Canadian dish let’s say Poutine or Canadian bacon. But the dish that Ryan loves has a Spanish origin. And most importantly it is a dessert.

The actor, whom millions of women droll over, is drooling over this special dish. Surprisingly, the dish Ryan has fallen in love with comes from his partner Eva Mendes’s family. This happened after Ryan got together with Eva Mendes and shares two beautiful daughters with her.

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As much as he is in love with his beautiful girlfriend, he loves this special dish called “Arroz con Leche,” especially the one that Eva’s mom cooks. It is also known as Mexican rice pudding. Mentioning it the 41-year-old actor says, “It’s like an angel crying on your tongue.” The dish mainly consists of Rice and Milk along with a perfect blend of vanilla, cinnamon, and raisins.

Gosling cites “coño” as his favorite Spanish word. Remarking that he said, “you can’t use it incorrectly.” Well, the actor has sure figured out his forever meal, tell us yours in the comments.


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