What Is the New Yorker Short Story, “Escape From Spiderhead,” by George Saunders on Which Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix Adaptation Is Based

What Is the New Yorker Short Story, “Escape From Spiderhead,” by George Saunders on Which Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix Adaptation Is Based

After the ending of Ozark, all the buzz on Netflix is surrounding an upcoming Chris Hemsworth film, Spiderhead. With Hemsworth’s signature Australian accent and stunning visuals that remind one of Christopher Nolan’s movies, it’s no surprise that the title is so anticipated. The movie is adapted from a short story by American author George Saunders.

Here’s all you need to know about Escape from Spiderhead.

What is Escape from Spiderhead about?

Just as the trailer of the Netflix adaptation, Escape from Spiderhead begins with the question “drip on?“, to which a person from inside what seems like an observation room replies, “acknowledge“. It settles in slowly and dreadfully that what the test subjects are acknowledging is the passage of drugs into their body. The “drip” refers to experimental drugs. Testing of these drugs isn’t done on guinea pigs or rats. The subjects of these tests are humans in a very desperate position, i.e., prison inmates.

On the other hand, Hemsworth’s character, Steve Abnesti, is a brilliant scientist who is the head of the facility that runs these tests. He is charming, good with words, and somehow makes his work look a lot less despicable than it is. The short story by George Saunders follows the life of Jeff, an inmate who is going through an especially difficult project to bear. We’re with Jeff on his journey to escape from “Spiderhead“, something that doesn’t really pick up pace until the very end.

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Why is Spiderhead named so? What is the theme of the story and its Netflix adaptation?

One thing that fans are finding more interesting in knowing about Spiderhead than its ending is how the Netflix Original got its name. Yes, it was adapted from Saunders’ story, but what exactly is “Spiderhead”? It is a place? Is it a person? While the answer to the question is nothing of note in the book, the genius title idea might be a big revelation in the adaptation. For fear of spoilers, we’ll refrain from answering this question. Although, what we can tell fans is what they should be on the lookout for.

All of George Saunders’ stories popularly have a central theme that is nothing different from a moral. The theme of Escape from Spiderhead is that of moral dilemma. From the beginning until the very end, Jeff is in a dilemma about the many choices he has to make. It bothers him because he is a good person. On the other hand, everything is just numbers and observations to Abnesti, and his focus lies more on the success of his drugs than the people in front of his eyes.

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Spiderhead will be available for streaming on Netflix on June 17, 2022.

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