What Is ‘The Lost Daughter’ on Netflix About? Check Reviews and Why Is It Popular

What Is ‘The Lost Daughter’ on Netflix About? Check Reviews and Why Is It Popular

Fans of the genre know that noir thrillers and psychological dramas have heavily been playing on the trope of resurfacing of the past. Be it memories, people, incidents, or events, we have seen the trope everywhere, applied in all possible ways. The Lost Daughter on Netflix is another film based on the same trope. But is it what we can consider a good movie? Find here all reviews and everything else you need to know about this drama thriller.

What is The Lost Daughter on Netflix about?

Maggie Gyllenhaal debuted as a director in the film The Lost Daughter. Adapted from Elena Ferrante’s 2008 novel of the same name, the film outlines the lives of Nina (Dakota Johnson) and her three-year-old daughter Elena (Athena Martin) as viewed by Leda (Olivia Coleman). The latter connects all of their experiences to similar ones with her own daughters.

The film is mostly a psychological drama with the undertones of a thriller. Despite this, we cannot quite limit it to one or two genres. It gives fans the chills like any film of the aforementioned two genres are supposed to, but there is a lot more to it. The Lost Mother on Netflix serves as a commentary on motherhood and feminism.

We watch two academics struggle to balance their work and personal lives. The man neglects his family completely. While the mother is doing all she can, her efforts are simply never enough. Despite her struggle to keep her daughters happy to the best of her abilities, Leda loses her children to her ignorant ex-husband, and all that is to blame is the bar set so high for mothers.

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Is it worth a watch?

If there is one underrated gem on Netflix that you need to check out at once, it is The Lost Daughter. The film serves as a psychological drama, a thriller, and a social commentary but never gets too overwhelming. We watch the struggles of many different women being made universal without being generalized through powerful performances. The Lost Daughter is, quite literally, magnificent, and we’re not the only ones who think so.

It wasn’t just the plot and theme that the fans found enthralling. The performances of the actors along with Gyllenhaal’s absolute genius as a director received a lot of love from the fans, and rightfully so!

From reviews to analysis, we have listed down every reason you need to watch The Lost Daughter on Netflix now!

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