What Is the Legal Battle Between Kanye West and the Melbourne Based Burger Shop? Everything You Need to Know About It

What Is the Legal Battle Between Kanye West and the Melbourne Based Burger Shop? Everything You Need to Know About It

Kanye West has gone silent after filing a cast against a burger shop. The Donda rapper had filed a case against a burger shop in Australia for intellectual property. But while the defense lawyers are active in the court, Ye seems to have stopped responding to the entire procedure.

Ye’s current case is over intellectual property for the usage of his song names by a burger joint. But the Donda signer seems to have disappeared in the midst of his case. Here are details about the Australia-based shop involved in the suit.

Kanye West goes silent after a case against an Australian burger shop

Kanye West is in the spotlight these days for his controversies more than his music. As per 9news, a burger shop in Melbourne named themselves College Dropout Burgers. Ye’s 2004 album was also called College Dropout. Lawyers representing the burger shop have informed the Federal Court of ending the case if the entertainer does not respond soon. Now Ye has up to the 27th of February to respond to the case. On the other hand, the shop has removed any references regarding the singer.


The shop had also put up murals from the rapper’s album cover and named their burgers after his song. The shop opened at Upper Heidelberg Road back, in Melbourne in 2021. Soon after, the shop owner Mark Elkhouri received a cease notice from the entertainer’s legal team. But it seems like the singer has gone silent.

This is not the first time that Ye has faced issues with his lawyers

Previously, the law company Greenberg Traurig LLP, from his other IP case succeeded in withdrawing from representing him due to his controversies. He even went through different lawyers during his divorce battle with his former wife Kim Kardashian, due to lack of payment and a no-show during court dates.

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With his wealth declining, the artist has court cases up against him. So far, it is unclear as to why he has stopped responding to his lawyers. On the other hand, the singer has plans to visit Melbourne, Australia to visit his new wife’s family. It will be seen how his case against the burger shop in the land down under ends.

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