What Is The Hidden Connection of Meghan Markle’s Emerald Necklace and Her Son, Archie Harrison?

What Is The Hidden Connection of Meghan Markle’s Emerald Necklace and Her Son, Archie Harrison?

Meghan Markle always got something associated with her that makes her stand out. Whether it is her undaunted and bold personality or the way she carries herself in the public, everything stuns the crowd she walks amongst. The Duchess of Sussex was out in one such ensemble to take a stroll down the streets of Montecito. Adding to it she donned a special piece of jewelry in tribute to someone all the more special that we failed to notice. Did you realize what she wore? 

The mother of two slayed a special outfit a couple of days ago on her way for shopping. Meghan wore a dark jumpsuit with harem trousers complementary to her brown oversize hat. Adding to the chic style, the Duchess had an olive green colored sweater that hung at ease around her shoulders. Wondering what you missed? Read further to know more. 

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The story behind the Emerald stone that Meghan Markle wore

As brought to our notice by Hellomagazine, Meghan Markle was spotted wearing a €3000 Logan Hollowell’s Baby Queen Water Drop Emerald Solitude Necklace while strolling down the streets. It was a gold chain as a whole with a small blink-it-and-miss-it green emerald surrounded by another layer of gold.

However, what made it all the more special and priceless was the unconditional love that carried with her. All of it for her son, who is turning four next year, Archie Harrison (Mountbatten-Windsor).  Although known for her vastly extensive collection of necklaces, this one stood out from the rest for the special meaning associated with it.

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The reason it was a homage to her first child is, baby Archie’s birthstone is Emerald as well. It is also believed by certain sites that Emerald is more of a good luck charm to bring prosperity and growth. Also called the stone of love and romance it is said to help improve personal relationships and mend broken ties. 

All of it makes sense for the Duchess of Sussex to wear it. More than any beliefs and ideologies attached to it, what was more overwhelming was her love for Archie. Coming back to Meghan’s outfit, adding to her relaxing yet stylish jumpsuit was a gold Cartier love bracelet. Most importantly, it was Princess Diana’s gold Cartier watch and the baby Archie-dedicated necklace.

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