What Is Netflix’s “Twisted new series”, ‘Wednesday’ Starring Jenna Ortega All About?

What Is Netflix’s “Twisted new series”, ‘Wednesday’ Starring Jenna Ortega All About?

What if your favorite classic comics can find a way into the hearts of people? What if it can stay immortal? Well, Netflix can make it possible, it seems. Netflix is bringing a new horror comedy based on an eminent cartoonist’s comic book: Wednesday. What is this new series about? Let’s find out.

Wednesday Netflix’s new Twisted Series

Wednesday is an upcoming Netflix Original American horror comedy series. The series is based upon the character Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. The legendary director Tim Burton directed the show. Though it is based on the classic comic by Charles Addams, it will have its own uniqueness.

This supernatural comedy will focus on Wednesday Addams, portrayed by Jenna Ortega, and her life as a high school student at Nevermore Academy. At school, she attempts to master her psychic powers. She tries to stop a monstrous killing spree and solves the supernatural mystery that affected her family years ago. She does all this while handling new relationships. Look at the teaser to get a glimpse of its intensity.

A mysterious element drags the attention here!

As much as we’re excited about the expansion of The Addams Family and the return of Christina Ricci as a new exciting character in this series, there is something else that seems to be very much interesting to see on this show. Apart from the psycho-thriller, You fame, Jenna Ortega, in the teaser, we saw a human hand on Wednesday’s shoulder. It is Thing. T. Thing, referred to as Thing, in The Addams Family.

It was originally a whole creature, but it was too horrible to watch. The only part that was tolerable was this part, the hand. The Addams family member called it Thing because it couldn’t be identified. Whatever it may be, the Thing certainly does add to the appeal of the show. So, if you are into horror shows, Wednesday is a must-watch.

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Thing has a vital role in the show and has been securing its significant importance in the family for long. It is responsible and helpful for the family. Now, we are waiting for the show to reveal its place in the life of Wednesday and how it helps her find the truth.

We hope you are as excited about the show as we are!

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