What Is Definition of Ecstasy According to Will Smith? Here Is Why He Chooses ‘Star War’ Over S*x

What Is Definition of Ecstasy According to Will Smith? Here Is Why He Chooses ‘Star War’ Over S*x

Hollywood is a galaxy of star-studded bigwigs. Of them, Oscar winner Will Smith has always been one of his kind. The star not only posses a ridiculous amount of potential for acting in movies, but also is very keen on getting inspired by them. Even after reaching the pinnacle of his career, he never stopped learning. More so, he once also elaborated on why he chooses to binge-watch Star Wars instead of having s*x to get his heart racing. 

It do be like that sometimes. Known for his strong sense of humor and merrymaking, The King Richards star is well aware of his intellect on certain topics. The way he draws comparison between two objects or activities is always on point.

As reported by CNN, back in 2017, Will Smith sat down with a Comic-con panel in San Diego. In the event, Will Smith recalled the first time he watched Star Wars just when he was a 10-year-old kid with high ambitions in his eye. More about the same also kept flowing until the characters had grown increasingly tired of his preachings.

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He further went on to share the experience of his life as a Star Wars enthusiast, as he says, “I’ve never been smashed like that in a movie theatre.” The mind-boggling scenes got him questioning his own thought process as nothing intrigued him as much as Star Wars.

How was Star Wars better than sex for Will Smith? 

“It was the early days of special effects,” Smith explained on how he was completely blown. To express the gravity of the seriousness, Smith claimed to have lost his virginity a few years prior to attending the panel. He thus opened up on how he has been chasing and trying to feel the audience however, nothing came close to the ecstasy he had already experienced in his childhood.  

I had s*x a few years ago…It was close but no star wars“, confessed the star before the hoard of fans and audiences in the Comic-con panel. Smith A.K.A The Fresh Prince was reportedly on the set to promote his then-upcoming movie, Bright. In the movie, Smith plays the role of a human police officer who is to team up with an Orc cop played by Joel Edgerton to fight crime in an alternate reality where Los Angeles is populated by magical creatures.

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