What if ‘the Witcher’ Was in ‘Lord of the Rings’? Henry Cavill Might Already Have the Answer to It

What if ‘the Witcher’ Was in ‘Lord of the Rings’? Henry Cavill Might Already Have the Answer to It

Back in the day, there was a clear line dividing pop culture and nerd culture. While both factions still attracted followers, there was very little common ground, if any, between the two categories. Today, pop culture has completely changed the norm. It is a broad umbrella that encapsulates video games, comic books, and several other aspects that once only belonged to the Freaks and Geeks. We know things have really transformed when even Henry Cavill identifies as a geek. 

Apart from being synonymous with Superman, the British actor is also an avid gamer. In fact, just a year ago, Cavill hit peak geek when he re-conceptualized his character from The Witcher in the world of Lord of the Rings. Let us find out how that conversation went down.

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Henry Cavill speculated a Lord of the Rings and The Witcher crossover

About a year ago, Cavill did an interview with Fox 5’s Kevin McCarthy. With season 2 of The Witcher just out, McCarthy expressed his love for Henry’s character Geralt. The host even compared the show’s immersive quality to that of the Lord of the Rings. Written by J. R. R. Tolkien, filmmaker Peter Jackson then adapted the fantasy novels into a highly revered masterclass in both storytelling and world-building.

Commemorating 20 years of the trilogy, Cavill and McCarthy engaged in a fun game of Hypotheticals. When asked how his character would fare if he were “dropped into the world of Lord of the rings,” the Enola Holmes actor had a response ready. Cavill believed his character would have a “far better time” in that universe.

The Sapkowski world is notoriously grim and dark and puts him in impossible scenarios,” said Cavill about The Witcher. 

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Henry Cavill further reminisced about the structure of the Lord of the Rings. He strongly believed that Geralt had gotten it worse than the characters from “Tolkien’s world.” He even weighed the worlds against one another before coming up with his conclusion.

It’s not impossible scenarios, it’s just hardship and you have a whole bunch of people on your side to help you out, but Geralt, the poor guy, tends to deal with all the stuff by himself,” stated Cavill.

Just like Kevin McCarthy, would you also “pay good money to watch that crossover?” Let us know in the comments. While season 3 of The Witcher is still a few months away, you can always rewatch the first two seasons streaming on Netflix.


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