What if ‘Stranger Things’ was an anime?

What if ‘Stranger Things’ was an anime?

Have you ever thought about the city of bloodshed, deep-rooted secrets, and supernatural humans transformed into an animated show? Stranger Things presented began with a mind-bending plot in 2017 where a bunch of youngsters plays Dungeons and Dragons games in their basements. While one of the devoted fans of the show displayed his love through his talent. And this has quite stirred the followers of Stranger Things. The images are beyond defeat as you can imagine all the seasons after seeing these anime created by the fan.

Fans have always held Stranger Things in high regard but this fan has brought a new interpretation 

A recent post by a Stranger Things fan has taken over the internet as the idea got viral receiving admiration from people. The fan has created an animated version of the show which looked absolutely stunning. He has designed some of the best scenes from season 4 volume 1 which is a treasuring moment for the eyes. Because even Duffer Brothers might not have imagined this beautiful version of the pinnacle series. Also, he did a great job by giving away his ideas on Twitter as an anime can be watched by any age group if the creators give it a thought. 

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However, this is not the first time fans have shown their dedication to the show. As they have always been analytical to minor details of the show. For instance, a fan highlighted that the creators have forgotten Will’s birthday for which Duffer Brothers promised to compensate for this mistake in volume 2. Therefore, we wish that fans keep on continuing this array of innovation and love for Stranger Things till the end.

What do other fans have to say about this artistry representation of Stranger Things? 

Fans are elated to see the new version of Stranger Things as they expressed their excitement for this anime glimpse of the show in the chain of comments on Twitter. Fans commented that this idea needs to be adapted as the photos are mesmerizing the fan’s heart. 

Another fan appreciated the animation style the artist chose as he wondered what more fans could get to see in this buoyancy theme.

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This is an undeniable fact that a fan’s keen eyes and imagination have no boundaries for this show. While they keep on coming up with new angles whenever they get a break from Stranger Things. Therefore, the reason behind this brilliant artistry done by a fan is nothing but curiosity for volume 2. As Netflix will be releasing the final volume of season 4 on July 1, 2022.

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