What if Sex Education Was a Horror Show?

What if Sex Education Was a Horror Show?

We all love a little horror in our life, and it is something that we always look out for even though we know it is going to scare the hell out of us. Our mind tends to create horror out of the most mundane things; a pile of clothes, a tree branch by the window, an empty apartment, or a perfect show. Well, here is a Sex Education Fanfiction that imagines if this Netflix series was a horror show.

Sex Education has this image of an adorable show that also manages to teach and educate a large chunk of people. Moordale is home to everything fun, amazing, and beautiful. It does have its dark areas and situations, but I never really thought I’d see Moordale as a house for horrors. The Netflix Original‘s season 3 is currently streaming, we all are already craving for another season; until then, let us see what this “Murderous Otis” has to offer.

It ain’t education anymore, it is execution

While the Netflix show is popularly seen as your friendly mate educating you about life, sex, love, and much more; this Sex Education fanfiction may just teach you how to get rid of a body. Otis is portrayed as some shady guy, who probably is some kind of werewolf or vampire or maybe just a teenager whose coping mechanism is sucking the life out of literally anything.

For some weird reason, Jean has something to do about this as well; apparently, she is the one who turned Otis into this “freak”. Who does not care about people anymore; this, of course, made Maeve sad, and I can tolerate anything, but someone making Maeve sad? No mate, that isn’t cool. And guess what, he also manages to ruin Eric.

Sex Education fanfiction – Moordale or Gloomdare?

A guy with a lot of mommy issues, a pretty scary look in his eyes, and a willingness to mess you up; Otis is even ready to take on Adam and has even scared him to hell. But what is his fate after all this? What all actually changed him into this? According to Otis, it was Jean, but the girls are not ready to listen, and they probably beat up OT like a mosquito.

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Is it really “F**k the pain away?” Because this Sex Education fanfiction actually appears like something that will give you pain. So pack your bags, put on a jacket, and pick up a bat as we make our way to Moordale, sorry Gloomdare.

Season 3 of Sex Education is currently streaming on Netflix. Watch it now.

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