What If ‘Peaky Blinders’ Was a Sitcom Instead of a Historical Drama?

What If ‘Peaky Blinders’ Was a Sitcom Instead of a Historical Drama?

Since 2013, we have been following Tommy Shelby and his family’s exploits. The Steven Knight show follows a crime family in Small Heath, Birmingham, that slowly rises to power. Peaky Blinders has given us six wonderful seasons so far and includes a stellar cast. Without a doubt, Cillian Murphy, Adrien Brody, and Sam Neil have turned in their career-best performance in the grim drama. 

The crime drama maintained a bleak atmosphere throughout its run. Fans loved the visuals and the gorgeous cinematography that highlighted the bygone era, but what if it wasn’t a dark gritty period piece but a sitcom? A Twitterati has swapped the opening song of the show with the FRIENDS theme and we kind of think it works. Although, Steven Knight won’t be too pleased about it!

Here’s a look at Cillian Murphy’s Peaky Blinders as a sitcom

There are a few things that you think won’t work until you see the result. One of the best crime dramas of this century, Peaky Blinders and the best sitcom FRIENDS had a weird crossover that we didn’t we needed.

Hannah has swapped FRIENDS classic I’ll be there for you with Peaky Blinders’ Red Right Hand. It didn’t end there, she also worked on the opening title styling it exactly like the sitcom. 

It’s funny to see the gang strut to FRIENDS song. There is no couch, umbrellas, or smiling faces here. But instead, we got 20th-century fashion, explosions, violence, and stare-offs! 

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Is season 6 the final season?

Yes, and we say this with a heavy heart. Steven Knight initially wanted to end the Shelby Saga with 7 seasons, but he decided against it. But there’s no need to get upset over it because the Shelby brand will return one last time with a movie. Knight settled for a movie rather than a full-fledged out season to put the entire focus on Tommy Shelby. Even though details about the movie are scarce at the moment, Knight has teased that it will change people’s perception of Tommy.

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Will you watch a sitcom version of the show? Comment down your thoughts.

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