What Happened To Kali In Stranger Things? Will She Be There In Season 5?

What Happened To Kali In Stranger Things? Will She Be There In Season 5?

In every new season of Stranger Things the main cast bump into new characters that either become their friends or leave them memories. In season 2 when Eleven was trying to find her mother that has been away from her since birth meets Kali Prasad. It is revealed that Kali is one of the experiment kids from Hawkins National Laboratory who hates Papa. While Eleven spends some time with Kali who welcomes her into the robbery family of snatchers and thugs. Eventually, Eleven part her ways with Kali, and viewers don’t get to see or know what happened to Number Eight after season 2. Viewers are wondering whether creators will bring back Kali in the final season of Stranger Things? or if they have forgotten her completely? 

Viewers haven’t gotten a glimpse of Kali Prasad since season 2. What happened to her? 

The furious and vengeful character of Kali Prasad portrayed by Linnea Berthelsen has been involved with a gang of thieves since she escaped the lab. Viewers saw in season 2 that she has kept buried her hatred for Dr. Brenner all these years. And wants to take her revenge someday she tells Eleven. However, her powers are pretty impressive in that she can conjure the visuals of other people and manipulate people’s minds into hallucinations. 

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When Eleven met her for the first time they instantly felt a connection. While it also seemed that she had finally found a sister. Unfortunately, that wasn’t long-lasting as Eleven had so many questions and mysteries of the past she wanted to uncover. Also, Kali wanted to use her psychotic powers for personal benefits which Eleven kind of realized early so she said her goodbyes to Kali’s notorious gang. And that was the last time fans saw her running away from cops. 

Will we get to see more of Kali and her amazing power in season 5? 

The bigger question that arises is with the inevitable end coming to the lives of characters. Will Kali join her sister in the battle? Because she can be a great addition to the team fighting against this sociopath Vecna who wants to take over the world for his dull fantasy. In addition, fans can expect the comeback of Kali in season 5 as Duffer Brothers once stated to The Hollywood Reporter

“It feels weird to me that we wouldn’t solve [her] storyline. I would say chances are very high she comes back.”

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This statement proves that the unresolved story of Kali will get a breakthrough in season 5. So fans better get ready to see “Number Eight” and her fascinating powers next year. 

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