What Happened To Carrie In ‘All American’ Season 4? Does She Die?

What Happened To Carrie In ‘All American’ Season 4? Does She Die?

Layla’s best gal pal Carrie in All American has been seen going through major mental issues in season 3. Last season ended by leaving the lives of characters on a huge cliffhanger as Carrie took a very dangerous decision putting risk on Layla’s life also. The viewers have been waiting since then to know what their fates turned out to be. Has Carrie’s mental instability taken her life? Or did Carrie and Layla survive that night? 

Is season 4 going to reveal what happened to Carrie in All American?

Season 3 ended with so many open-ended questions when characters were facing life-threatening situations. The friendship between Layla and Carrie took a very obsessive turn as Carrie wanted Layla to commit suicide with her. Carrie even left a note in Layla’s home that she is going to take her life which resulted in panicking Layla’s father. 

Moreover, when Layla’s father try to call her he couldn’t reach her as the phone is switched off. Because Carrie dropped Layla’s phone in the dump yard which was one of her extreme actions toward Layla. Although it was her depression that played a major part in this mess and she believed that her life holds no meaning now. 

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However, Layla denied that she will not commit suicide by jumping off the cliff and neither should Carrie do it. She also persuades Carrie that this is just a tough time and it will pass soon if she is going to make some effort for her mental health. Finally, this helped Carrie to change her decision, and both get back to the car. Hence neither Carrie nor Layla died that night they safely went back to their homes. 

When can viewers stream season 4 of All American on Netflix?


The question stands whether the new season is going to depict both friends or not. And what would be their father’s reaction after seeing her daughter Layla alive for Carrie left that note on Kitchen’s shelf. Viewers will certainly receive the answer about all the dangers looming around Carrie and Layla in season 4. Their patience for the show is going to be fruitful as the new season is launched and you can finally unravel what was left unfinished that night. Go binge-watch what you left months ago as season 4 got released on May 31, 2022, only on Netflix. 

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