Astonished Finn Wolfhard Compares His Own ‘Mileven’ Chilling Scenes From Stranger Things 4 With the Notebook

Astonished Finn Wolfhard Compares His Own ‘Mileven’ Chilling Scenes From Stranger Things 4 With the Notebook

Eleven and Mike’s relationship has been a central narrative in Stranger Things since season 1 itself. Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown have beautifully played the part of being middle school sweethearts. For the frenzy fans, ‘Mileven’ has continued to be the favorite couple among all other love stories of the show. Although their relationship had to go through a huge rollercoaster, it’s quite evident from the last season that it has stood the test of time. Interrupted by demogorgons, with Hopper hopping in and distance trying its best to keep them apart, their love has just grown fonder proportionately to all their hardships, until now.

Finn Wolfhard spills the tea over ‘Mileven’

Apart from Duffer’s marvelous script, what made the scene even more emotional were things Wolfhard added himself. In a recent interview, Wolfhard confessed he had deliberately added: “you’re my superhero” being utterly immersed in the scene. “It’s very cool, it was almost like Notebook-y in the best way,” said Finn. Hopefully, that fixed the “complications” between them. Though we were all preparing ourselves for a heartrending split up between the two, the last episode was a massive relief where everything just got back on track when it had to.

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Details about the relationship throughout Stranger Things season 4

Season 4 introduced a plethora of plot points and key details which have completely justified the long-run times. Things have been as tough for Eleven as it was for Mike to cope. Putting up with high school bullies and the distance had pushed their relationship to be hanging on by the thread. With the clear hint at the imminent breakup during the spring break, things just got worse than ever between the two. But it all changes when Mike finally professes his love to El in the last episode. Though Mike had always been reluctant to say it at first, he opens his heart out to El, desperately trying to save her from the clutches of Vecna.

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Fans’ anticipation for the upcoming season

Fans seemingly hope Mike and El to come out as the power couple in the end. But everyone knows that Mileven was the best and things haven’t been the same ever since their mini break up. Given everything that’s happening around, it won’t be surprising if the next season comes as a bunker with Mileven going back to be “friends.” The love birds may part their ways. Nevertheless, the duo will always continue to live on. And apologies if it’s said already, we find it bitchin’, don’t we?

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