What Does Julia Garner Think of Anna Delvey and Ruth Langmore Becoming Friends?

What Does Julia Garner Think of Anna Delvey and Ruth Langmore Becoming Friends?

At only 28 years old, Julia Garner has already made a name for herself after portraying Ruth Langmore on Ozark and essaying Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna. Both are highly critically acclaimed shows on Netflix and enjoy global popularity. Inventing Anna even broke viewership milestones! Now that Ozark came to a close, fans are curious whether Anna and Ruth can ever be friends? And the actress shared her point of view on their possible friendship. 

Anna and Ruth can team up and “surprise” others

Garner is a type of actress that gets into the skin of her characters. So if she says the two can strike up a friendship after the initial judgmental phase is over, then there’s no reason to doubt it. 

Anna is such a girl’s girl, but Ruth is not. I think Ruth always longs to have that female validation and kind of secretly wants to be a part of the girl’s club in a way, but she only knows how to talk to men. She’s like a bossy girl on the playground bossing all the boys basically,” she explained.

Explaining their charms she said, “People are very attracted to people, specifically women, that have a ruthless way about them. That’s a sense of confidence, and there’s nothing more attractive than having full ownership of yourself.”

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Julia Garner doesn’t think feeling remorse for Anna Delvey is as simple as black and white

Julia Garner may have portrayed Anna Delvey on screen, but she refuses to simplify the complex character of Anna to just black and white. Instead, she thinks that it was traumatizing for Anna and everyone involved in her case. 

It might not seem like a trauma to us, but we’re not in that person’s shoes. I play people, I don’t play caricatures, and as soon as you play a caricature it’s going to be one-note and one-dimensional. People don’t have to like the characters that I play. I just want them to be open to understanding that person.” 

The Inventing Anna actress lamented the end of Ozark. She feels “bittersweet” for saying goodbye to the family on set. 

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