What Did Millie Bobby Brown Say About David Harbour’s Character in ‘Stranger Things’?

What Did Millie Bobby Brown Say About David Harbour’s Character in ‘Stranger Things’?

Millie Bobby Brown has spilled her thoughts on David Harbour’s role. The two are part of the sci-fi series Stranger Things. This series became such a huge success that it made a star out of almost every actor that was part of the show. Brown has promoted her career from the character of Eleven in the series to leading Enola Holmes.

The 18-year-old is known for her confident and straightforward personality. Now that she is promoting her latest detective movie as Enola, the actress stays busy giving interviews. During one such, she answered questions about Stranger Things and more, including a question about David Harbour’s character Sheriff Jim Hopper.

What did Millie Bobby Brown say about Stranger Things co-star Jim Hopper’s character?

Millie Bobby Brown is seen everywhere with interviews and big-screen projects currently. During one such interview with Vanity Fair, she did a round of their infamous lie detector test. She was asked, “Who is a better detective, Sherlock Holmes, or this man, Jim Hopper.” The British actress did not take a second before confirming saying that Sherlock is her choice. She was even asked if David Harbour’s character was not a good detective, and the answer was again a yes.

Upon asking what the Violent Night lead actor will think of her answer, she said, “He’s probably just gonna drink coffee and contemplate.” The actress clearly did not flinch at her answer, while Harbour is yet to respond to that answer. Though he has confirmed that his character will be returning to the series in the next and final season.

After all, the Sheriff had an important role to play, being the one who went on a hunt for Eleven during the first season. He acts like a surrogate father to these kids, including Eleven who calls him her father.

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So even though Brown favored her Enola Holmes character Sherlock Holmes, Hopper’s character is valuable. While there will be a long wait for the final season of Stranger Things, you can watch Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix now.

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