What Did Fans Spot in the Cillian Murphy Interview With BBC? The Answer Will Bring You Nostalgia

What Did Fans Spot in the Cillian Murphy Interview With BBC? The Answer Will Bring You Nostalgia

Never before in the history of television was there a spectacle like Peaky Blinders. From the beginning, the show has had a massive fan following even without much social media presence. However, for its sixth and final season, Peaky Blinders producers are hitting full throttle with promoting the show on all social media platforms. And asking its cast like Cillian Murphy and others to do rounds and rounds of interviews.

In one of the recent interviews of Cillian Murphy and BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb, a keen fan observed a somewhat nostalgic detain in the Irish actors’ background.

Cillian is a pure Cork

In the interview with BBC Radio 1, Cillian and Ali talked a lot about the show. They talked about the famous Peaky Blinders haircut, which Cillian calls really traumatizing. Then, they talked about the favorite lines of both from the show.

The two also had interesting conversations about Tom Hardy and how unpredictable he is. Then Cillian shared an ongoing fun gag the runners have that Tommy has never eaten anything onscreen in the entirety of six seasons. The two also counted the amount of cigarettes Cillian as Tommy had smoked.

After the interview went on air, a really observant fan on Reddit pointed out the famous Langer bar on Cillian’s background mantle. The Host Ali Plumb later confirmed the bar to be the renowned chocolate bar of Half Door Sweet company on Maylor street.

The host tweeted, saying, “Yes, that’s a ‘Langer bar’ in the background. If you know your Cork, you’ll be grinning seeing that. Otherwise… maybe just Google the word “langer” and enjoy the rest of your day.”

Other notable Cillian Murphy works

Cillian Murphy has worked on some truly iconic and critically acclaimed films. Some of his movies that you need to check out are Inception,Batman Begins, Dunkirk,A Quiet Place II, and The Wind That Shakes The Barley. In all of these films, Cillian has truly transcended to another level of craft.

Cillian has now become a frequent collaborator with the mind-bending director Christopher Nolan. For the first time, Nolan cast has Cillian in a lead role in his new project biopic about Oppenheimer.

What do you think about the Peaky Blinders actor as the atomic bomb inverter? Let us know in the comments.

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