“What bad deals?” – Stephen A. Smith Unleashed in Kanye West’s Recent Comments on the Jewish People

“What bad deals?” – Stephen A. Smith Unleashed in Kanye West’s Recent Comments on the Jewish People

Kanye West is always making the headlines for a number of reasons. The Flashing Lights hitmaker is one of the most influential rappers and producers of our generation. Now and then, the rapper is in the limelight for his questionable opinions on various topics. Over the past few months, the rapper’s behavior has turned a lot of people, including his family and friends, against him. Kanye has become subject to criticism as a number of celebrities and known personalities have called out the rapper for his actions. And recently, even sports television personality Stephen A. Smith is unhappy over Kanye’s opinion on Jewish people.

Recently, West shocked everyone with his actions. From an ongoing feud with multi-billion dollar industries such as Adidas and GAP to being banned from a known social media app, the rapper’s life has been a rollercoaster lately. And now, after his questionable take on Jewish community, Stephen A.Smith has a few questions for the rapper to answer.

Stephen A. Smith calls out Kanye West and his actions

Beginning early October, Ye has been on an interview spree, in which he spoke about topics such as conspiracy theories and Black Lives Matter. Consequently, the rapper sparked a buzz with his Anti-Semitic remarks. The rapper has called out the Jewish people for being the reason behind his problems and bad business deals. However, Stephen A. Smith is not having it, as he openly condemned West West.

On his Know Mercy podcast, Smith spoke, “What bad deals? If Jewish folks are at fault for the bad business deals that cost you money, how are you saying that while bragging about being the richest black man in American history?”

Smith revealed that earlier he used to think people would not be able to bring down West irrespective of what he does because of how his wealth. But now, he feels the Flashing Lights hitmaker deserves condemnation. Smith added that even though the rapper is a very successful black man, what is wrong is wrong.

Stephen A. Smith is not the only one who called out the rapper. In light of his recent controversies, super-popular brand Balenciaga has decided to cut ties with West.

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What are your views on the rapper’s actions? Do let us know in the comments below.

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